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After the credits...jargon as far as the eye can see. Lots of kids are very hurt. Weaver crutches into a trauma room, where Mark and Finch are flogging the shot-in-the-head girl; Mark thinks she has brain-stem failure. Abby "Lisa" Lockhart enters to tell Weaver that the last patient from the foster-care facility, a patient with a gunshot wound to the chest, is en route. Mark and Finch are distractedly shocking the patient as Weaver and Lisa confer about where to put the incoming patient. Mark asks Lisa whether the patient is a victim of the same shooter, and Lisa, on her way out, tells him that it is, and that the gunman shot the gardener on his way out. Everyone makes disgusted noises. Cut to the girl's head; there's blood all over the backboard. Weaver mutters that she's surprised the shooter "had any bullets left." Yes. Because if there's one thing that's hard to get in Chicago -- based, at least, on what I've seen on this show for the past seven years -- it's guns and gun accessories.

Weaver enters the adjacent trauma room, where Carter and Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen are working on Martin. He's conscious, and watches through the glass as Mark and Finch continue shocking their patient. "Is that Helen?" Martin asks. Chen glances up and asks, "Who?" Martin repeats, "Helen. She's new. Foster mom bailed on her." Chen says she doesn't know. The door between the two trauma rooms swings shut, obscuring Martin's view of Helen's continuing death. Carter does something to Martin that makes him wince. Carter asks Weaver whether the shooter's been apprehended yet, and she says no: "Dispatch doesn't know anything." Martin pipes up to exposit, "He was waving the gun at Mrs. Buckley and yelling, and then he shot her." Carter turns to Weaver and quietly asks whether a Mrs. Buckley made it to County. "DOA," Weaver replies. Carter turns back to Martin. Weaver orders some drugs for Martin and tells Chen and Carter there's another patient waiting for them. She leaves. Blah jargon blah. Chen asks Carter, "Did you turn it in?" Carter's all, "Huh?" Chen exposits, "Weaver said my application was incomplete? I'm missing my peer reference?" Carter dismissively says he'll do it today. Chen purses her lips and tells him, "It's due today!" Carter repeats that he'll do it. She thanks him. Oh, Carter. Must you be passive-aggressive all the time? Can't you just be passive once in a while?

In the hall, Weaver runs into Peter "Punch Drunk" Benton, who's ushering a patient to the OR. She bellows at him to come see to another patient, but he yells back that his current patient's femoral artery is pumping blood, and that he has to keep his finger on it. This seems like a spurious excuse to me, but whatever. It's like when I ask Glark to help me tidy up the kitchen and he's all, "Wait, I just have to make sure this new videogame works. Well, if it's defective, we could all die!" Anyway, Weaver yells after him that he needs to send her down some surgeons, since she has three unstable patients in need of immediate attention, and a fourth on its way. Benton says that Anspaugh (who? Oh, right) will be taking the femoral artery patient, so Benton will return momentarily. Weaver doesn't look convinced, but it's not like she can force him to leave his patient immediately.

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