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Sure enough, Helen's basically dead. Well, she's asystole, and she's been down an hour since the shooting. Chuny enters to call Finch away. Mark tells her to go ahead, since Helen's is a fatal wound. Finch asks what's on its way, and Chuny tells her it's a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Finch takes off. Mark huffs, "Someone should have told me today was Gun Day." Um. Heh? "Gun Day"? You're not at a baseball game. Shut up, Mark. He calls Helen's time of death and snaps off his gloves.

In the ambulance bay, Morales introduces Finch to her new patient, carjack victim Mr. Jeffries. He suffered a gunshot wound to the left lateral abdomen. Also, he has AIDS. I wonder if he got to read Marmaduke today. His blood pressure is good. Benton comes out, and Finch gives him the bullet. Mr. Jeffries muses, "I was getting out of the car. He shot me anyway." What a jerk! Is there no honour among thieves?

Finch and Benton burst through the doors with Mr. Jeffries in tow. Benton asks Frank what's open, and Frank calls back, "Nothing!" Benton adds, "I got a GSW!" "Don't make you special today," Frank replies. Heh. Finch tells Benton that Mark just called the time of death in Trauma One, so the team heads there. All of a sudden, Deacon from The King of Queens is stomping down the hall toward Benton. I don't think I watched The King of Queens back when Roger was last on the show (as opposed to being a disembodied topic of conversation à la "Walt" and "Doug Ross") so I never made the connection that it was the same guy. Anyway. Benton recognizes Roger, but before the two of them can catch up properly, Roger plows Benton right in the puss. Benton reels from the blow, and Roger yells, "Stay away from my wife!" Benton's all, "What?!" "Dr." Dave Malucci pushes Roger away from Benton, but Roger hasn't finished, and continues, "She told me -- she told me everything! You had your chance, you blew it, she's my wife now!" Benton looks completely shocked by this turn of events -- and after all, when have we ever known Carla to be deceitful or manipulative? Almost never -- and yells, "I don't know what you're talking about!" Roger bellows, "I'll take care of Carla! You stay away from her!" Things continue in this vein a little longer, as Dr. Dave yells for Frank to call Security and continues shoving Roger out of the way.

As they resume moving Mr. Jeffries into Trauma One, Finch fixes Benton with a contemptuous, baleful look. "Nothing happened!" Benton insists. Finch ignores him and calls for some...stuff. Whatever. It's the last recap of the season! Morales smirks at Benton, "He really nailed you." Benton orders, "Shut up and mind your business." Hee! Napolitano enters and asks whether the patient on the bed is the carjack victim. Finch says it is. Benton apologizes to Mr. Jeffries for the contretemps with Roger. Napolitano immediately starts questioning Mr. Jeffries about his assailant, confirming that it was a Caucasian male. Napolitano asks whether he was wearing a yellow windbreaker. Mr. Jeffries says he was, and asks, "How'd you know that?" Napolitano exposits that police think Mr. Jeffries's carjacker may have shot some people at a foster-care facility two blocks away from where Mr. Jeffries's assault took place. Everyone in the room is horrified that the two events are related -- because random violence is much more reassuring. With tense, near-fish-eye close-ups, Napolitano asks Mr. Jeffries whether he can remember his own license-plate number; Mr. Jeffries can't. His blood pressure starts to fall and machines start beeping. Before Mr. Jeffries loses consciousness, Napolitano tries to get him to confirm that his car is a black Acura Product Placement. Mr. Jeffries doesn't answer Napolitano right away, and Benton tells the officer he'll have to interview the patient later. Mr. Jeffries gasps, "What's wrong?" and Finch tells him he may be bleeding in his abdomen. Mr. Jeffries asks how they'll know for sure whether he's bleeding internally. Benton calls for an ultrasound. Napolitano repeats his question about the make of the car, and Mr. Jeffries distractedly confirms the officer's information.

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