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Elsewhere, Luka preps the gardener for a chest tube; Lisa assists. Heather relays Luka's explanation to the gardener in Spanish, and then leaves. Once she's gone, Luka busts out his latest means to annoy Lisa: "You almost missed your deadline!" Lisa's all, "Huh?" Luka exposits, "I was eating breakfast and saw your med-school reinstatement form on your counter." Warily, she asks what he did. By way of answer, Luka tells her, "You were lucky. The lady in the registrar's office has a daughter who's a nurse." "'The registrar's office'?" Lisa anxiously repeats. Ha. Yeah right. Registrar's office staff don't do favours for anyone. They hate people. Trust me. I know whereof I speak. Luka concludes, "I told her you had a bunch of night shifts, and she slipped it in with the others." Lisa incredulously asks, "Wait. You handed it in?" Luka says he did: "This morning." Lisa demands, "Luka, why'd you do that?" Luka cheerfully tells her, "It was due Monday!" Lisa informs him, "Well, I didn't want to turn it in!" Luka says he thought she forgot, and she tells him she didn't: "I changed my mind." He asks why; she deflects, "Now they're going to come after me for summer tuition!" Luka irritably tells her he can help her with the money, and she whines, "I don't want help with the money -- I just wanted to let it go." Luka asks why, then, she filled out the form. "I'll get you some xeroform," she deflects again, and takes off. Luka angrily tosses an instrument toward a tray.

Carter and Mark examine an x-ray. Carter thinks he's found "soft-tissue sarcoma." Mark tells him to get a biopsy. Weaver crutches up and asks whether Carter's patient, Martin, is stable. Carter says he is, and she instructs him to clear the room: "Next round coming in: two more gunshot wounds -- one chest, one neck." Carter takes off, and Mark accompanies Weaver down the hall, marvelling, "Two more? It's not even ten o'clock." "It's the same guy again," Weaver quietly tells him. Mark's all, "What?!" Second base! (Sorry.) Weaver exposits, "CPD tracked a carjacked Acura to a private residence -- found the mother and son shot inside." Mark asks whether the shooter's been apprehended yet, and Weaver says, "Not yet." Mark asks whether there are ORs cleared, and she says they're working on it. They do a quick audit of which surgeons are doing what.

When Mark and Weaver arrive at the desk, Mitchell is there bickering with Robert "Rocket" Romano. She tells him that Psych nurses "aren't trained in ostomy care," and Romano shoots back that the patient in question, whoever that is, doesn't need ostomy care: "He can change his own damn bag." Weaver calls back to Romano that they need him to attend to the patients rolling up. Romano snaps at Weaver that he'll be there in a minute. To Mitchell, he snaps, "When I call you, you get on the damn phone." Mitchell looks at him sharply, but before she can answer, Weaver interrupts to defend her: "She was helping with a mass casualty! We needed her down here!" Romano barks, "And I needed to clear Recovery for the barrage of gunshot wounds you keep accepting!" Mitchell replies, "I'm not taking responsibility for post-op complications in the Psych ward!" Romano sarcastically shoots back, "Oh, really? Okay, well, then, we'll have to find someone who's interested in responsibility." Mitchell gasps, "What's that supposed to mean?" Romano snaps, "I'll tell De Raad he can finish your shift." "What?!" hisses Mitchell. "Nice knowing you," Romano dicks, stomping off.

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