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Next door, Mrs. Neighbour's heart's not filling. Machines are beeping. She couldn't be whiter. She's clearly going to die. Mark and Romano bicker until finally Romano catches his snap and realizes he "can't fix this defect." Mark obliviously calls for more epi. Romano tersely says, "She blew out her thoracic aorta and exsanguinated in seconds. We are not going to get her back." Mark -- his voice all high and tight -- suggests a bypass. Romano says it's too late for that, and orders Mark to call it, which he does, pissily. Romano mutters, "0 for 2 and it's not even lunch." Mark purses his lips, stares at Mrs. Neighbour's lifeless face, and curses Cruel Fate.

Elsewhere, Carter is telling Martin about the biopsy. "You think it's cancer?" Martin asks, no fool. Carter calmly says no: "It could be scar tissue. It could be a cyst. Cancer's only one possibility." Martin says his mother died of cancer when she was thirty-five. Carter reassuringly tells him that they'll do the biopsy, and then talk about what they know, as opposed to what they don't know. As he strides out, Carter asks over his shoulder whether there's anyone Martin wants Carter to call. "I'm in foster care," Martin bitterly reminds him. Carter says he knows, suggesting, "Foster parents?" Martin says he's between homes. Carter says, "Right," and then hurries out, hopping on one leg since the other's now firmly lodged somewhere in his esophagus.

Carter runs into Lisa outside Mrs. Neighbour's trauma room. Peering in, he asks whether Mrs. Neighbour "made it," and Lisa says she didn't, adding, "It's scary -- this guy's on a rampage." Carter can't believe they haven't found Mr. Fossen yet. Lisa says they're going to go to his house. Carter glibs something about "so much violence, huh?" like, how insightful -- where's the McLaughlin Group booker? A brilliant social commentator is going to waste! By now they're both in a supply closet, and as Lisa putters around, she leadingly asks, "Were you gonna tell me?" Carter asks, "Tell you what?" Lisa says she heard a rumour. "Oh yeah? A good one?" Carter asks. With a flourish, Lisa produces a slip of paper from her pocket and drawls, "Dr. Rosen called." Carter slowly takes the paper from her. Lisa exposits, "You know, from the Emergency department at Northwestern?" "You took the message," Carter sadly surmises. Lisa says that Dr. Rosen wanted to set up an appointment. Carter avoids her gaze and shrugs, "Just looking at options." Lisa folds her arms and asks, "Are you leaving?" Ew, I just noticed Carter's hair is all plastered down and feathered in the front. He's like the love child of Christopher Rich and a '70s-era Mackenzie Phillips. Anyway, Carter and his bad hair remind Lisa that he still has to make up three months of his residency. Lisa asks whether he intends to leave after that. Carter says he doesn't know: "I'm not even being considered for Chief Resident. I have to write this damn peer review for Chen. They're not even talking to me about an Attending position -- sometimes, you have to read the writing on the wall." All good points, except we already know Noah Wyle's signed on for two more years, so there's absolutely no suspense here. Lisa asks whether Carter's talked to Weaver about an Attending position. He smirks, "No...'cause if she wanted me, she would have asked me about it." Lisa suggests that Weaver might not think he's interested. "Maybe I'm not," Carter replies.

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