Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

Santiago starts yelling at the doctors to give his mother a sandwich or something. Sam says that she wouldn't eat it even if they did. Santiago suggests that they force it down her throat, and then yells at his mother that he doesn't need her help and he can take care of himself. The security guards step in and ask where they can stash Santiago, and Sam directs them to the family room until they can bring the van around. As Santiago is hustled out the door, he yells that his mother has messed up everything, and that she should have just left him in El Salvador. Man, talk about your ungrateful kids. Although it is kind of drama queeny to go on a hunger strike and all, like, she could hold that over his head for the rest of his life. "You forgot to buy me a Mother's Day card? After all I've done for you? Remember when I almost died of dehydration in the hospital, and you couldn't spend a dollar at the Hallmark store?" That would be annoying.

Susan follows Santiago out into the hall and yells to ask what his problem is. Santiago says he never asked his mother to do this for him, and Susan pulls him aside (along with his entourage). She says that maybe they should force-feed Elena, because Santiago's being deported seems like a good idea right now. Santiago pulls the old "I don't care, whatever" routine, and Susan asks him if he wants to die. Santiago says that he had a good life in El Salvador. Susan says that she just wanted Elena and Santiago to be together. Santiago says that she worked two jobs, and that he hardly knows her. Susan tries to play the trump card: "She wanted a better life for you." Santiago holds up his handcuffed wrists and asks if she thinks it worked out. Susan tries to overtrump her trump card: "She loves you." Santiago responds, "She isn't doing this for me. She's doing this because she feels guilty. Just let her go if that's what she wants." Susan tells him that he doesn't mean that, but Santiago clarifies, "Just let her die." The guards lead him out as Susan runs her hands through her hair in frustration.

Carter finds Wendall doing paperwork in an exam room, like, could she have made it more clear that she's not interested in talking to you, dude? Carter asks if she wants to grab some lunch. I'm going to guess she doesn't. He asks if she wants to get dinner, and she begs off. Carter finally says what he came to say, which is that he feels bad about what happened, and that he's sorry. Wendall finally smiles a little bit and says that she wishes she'd been able to figure out what Carter was thinking. They share a nice moment, and then Wendall gathers her things to go see a patient. Carter says that she left some things at his place, and offers to bring them by sometime. Or you could just bring them to the hospital, Stalker Boy. Wendall says she'll just stop by his place, and asks him to leave them in a bag on his front step. Carter is disappointed by the impersonal nature of the exchange, but accepts that it's what Wendall wants. Finally!

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