Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

The head of Santiago's security team asks Susan if Elena will eat now. Susan says that she probably won't. Security Head says that it's too bad, because Elena will die and Santiago will still get deported. Susan asks about the possibility of a hearing. Security Head says that he doesn't think it would change anything, but that he'll talk to his boss. He leaves, and Sam comes up and tells Sam that Elena is unresponsive. Frank says that he checked the internet and found out that people can survive forty-five days without food or water, and Elena's been going for forty-one.

As Susan heads to check on Elena, Morris corners her, wanting to talk about their project. Susan says that she can't deal with it right now, but Morris won't give up, since they only have an hour to their deadline. Susan tries to blow him off, but Morris gets her attention and says very sincerely that he needs this publication for his Chief Resident application. Susan snorts and says that it's going to take a hell of a lot more than that. Morris makes a face like, "Guh?"

Carter checks up on Stair Fall Lady (who is now also Untreated Breast Cancer Lady). He exits the exam room and tells Pratt to send her home and have a visiting nurse drop in on her. Pratt can't believe they're just going to release her, and Carter says that they can't force her to do anything, but maybe after being home for a few days, she'll change her mind. Pratt says that if she goes home, she'll never come back. Carter reminds Pratt that they have to respect her wishes, because she doesn't feel comfortable with the medical system.

Oh, no. I had somehow forgotten about this scene. The squeamish are going to want to skip right onto the next paragraph. Jake and Abby examine Sam from American Dreams. Apparently, he has a thyroid condition, which can cause glaucoma, so Jake is going to test Sam's eye pressure or something. Jake gives Sam an eye drop, and then prepares to touch his eyeball with some sort of giant Q-tip or something. As Jake is touching, Chuny walks in and interrupts, which I think makes Jake poke a little too hard, which causes Sam to start coughing, which causes HIS EYEBALL TO POP OUT OF ITS SOCKET! Sam is like, "Did my eyeball come out?" which is a question I hope to never have to ask or answer. Abby remains calm throughout, even though monitors are beeping and eyeballs are dangling. Sam is thrashing all around, which can't be helping matters any, and Chuny runs off to find Luka. Oh, dear God. It's like the writers were saving that one up until Heathen stopped recapping.

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