Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

Susan removes Elena's oxygen as Elena asks if she's the one who started the IV. Susan says that it's just one bag, and then it'll be up to Elena whether or not she continues treatment. Elena says that she thought it was up to her already. Susan doesn't answer the question, and says that Elena is getting a lot of media attention, and that the INS is taking Elena's case very seriously because they don't want the bad press. Elena is silent. Susan says that Elena has done everything she can, and that it's okay to eat now. Elena says, "Not until they let him stay. He wasn't always like this. He was a good boy. He did a stupid thing, and then in jail, he joined the gang. You try so hard, but you never know how they'll turn out. All he has now is anger and hate." Sam asks why Elena wants to keep going, and Elena says that Santiago's still her son, even if he doesn't care about her. Susan thinks Santiago does care, but doesn't know how to show it. Susan lies, "The last thing he said to me on his way out was, 'Please don't let her die.'" Elena looks hopeful.

Stair Fall Lady asks Shane when the ambulance is coming to take her home, and Shane says it'll be about an hour. Pratt walks in and says that he wants her to meet someone before she leaves. Stair Fall Lady doesn't want to talk to any surgeons, and Pratt promises that she's not a doctor. He introduces May. Stair Fall Lady thinks that May must be a social worker or a psychologist, but May is neither; she's a secretary and a breast cancer survivor. May says it's been three years. Pratt and Shane leave to let May talk. Outside, Pratt tells Shane that there's a cancer support group in the hospital, and that they help each other navigate the system. Shane asks if Pratt thinks it'll work, and Pratt says that Stair Fall Lady might listen.

Wendall knocks on Carter's door, but he's already outside. He says hello. Wendall thought he was going to leave her stuff outside, but Carter got stuck at the hospital. Carter walks inside and invites Wendall in. She'd rather wait outside, so Carter disappears to get her things. The phone rings, and Wendall asks if he needs to get it. Carter says that the machine will pick it up, and invites Wendall inside again for coffee. Wendall refuses yet again, like, when will Carter give it up? Wendall says goodnight, and leaves.

Abby and Jake walk outside and talk about how they made a good time on the eyeball case. Jake jokes that maybe he should call Abby his teammate, and I have this whole theory about how marriage is all about being on the same team, but I won't bore you with the details. Jake tries out "partner," and Abby suggests "special friend." Jake asks what she's afraid that people will think. Abby pauses and says that she doesn't want them to go too fast. Jake tells her that she has two weeks to decide all of this, because in two weeks he has a big family thing, which involves church and brunch, because his niece is getting baptized and he's the godfather. Abby asks what her role will be in all this, and Jake says that she gets to decide.

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