Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

Carter checks his messages, and there's one from Kem. She says she'll be around for about an hour. Carter checks his watch and dials the phone. He has her on speed dial, in case that's a sign of something. Carter sits down in the kitchen and settles in for a chat. He tells her about the plans for the center, and asks how she would feel about "The Joshua Carter Center," after the baby they lost. We don't hear Kem's answer.

Susan and Sam wheel in some food for Elena, as Susan explains that she should only drink clear liquids and broth for the first few days. Elena says she swore she wouldn't stop until her son was safe. She says a quick prayer in Spanish and then in English. The phone rings, and Sam picks it up. She reports that it's Chuck for Susan. With a shaking hand, Elena takes a spoonful of Jell-O and cries as she eats it. In the hallway, Susan talks to Cosmo. While it may seem unrealistic that Susan is having a phone conversation with her infant son, I guess he could just be saying words to her and she's responding. Susan starts reciting a Sandra Boynton book as the hospital continues to go about its business. Stair Fall Lady is wheeled up to treatment, accompanied by May. Elena continues eating.

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