Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

As Sam turns to walk off, Morris runs in and slams into her. She yells at him and he apologizes, sort of. He rushes up to Susan and reports that he's there to work on their manuscript revisions. Susan kind of blows him off, and Morris reminds her that the revisions are due at 5 PM. Carter, in the background, totally eavesdrops, like, nice how he doesn't want anyone all up in his business, but he's all up in everyone else's. Carter asks if they are publishing, and Morris explains thei topic, which I hear as "Medical Terminology I Don't Understand in Review." Susan tells Morris to go get started in the lounge, and that she'll join him. Carter can't believe Susan is working with Morris, and Susan tries to say that he's okay, but Carter laughs that Morris is the only one desperate enough to do the scutwork. Susan laughs and agrees. Neela asks Susan if she can run a trauma today. Susan wonders if Neela is ready, and Neela points out that, in a few months, she'll be an intern. The paramedics bring in a case, and Susan tells Neela to take it.

The paramedics report that the patient, Elena, passed out at the Immigration Building and has a lowered body temperature and heart rate. He adds that it was some kind of protest. Elena tells the doctors to call her lawyer, Benjamin Coe, and not to do anything until he arrives. Neela, Susan, and Sam wheel Elena into Trauma Green. Neela barks out some orders, including warm IV fluid. Elena says she doesn't want any treatment, because she's on a hunger strike to protest the deportation of her son. Sam tries to talk some sense into her, but Elena says she just wants the INS (which isn't what it's called anymore, but that's what they call it in the episode, so that's what I'm going with) to give her son a new hearing. Susan asks if she knows the risks of refusing care, which include going into a coma and dying. Elena says that she doesn't want to lose her son. But won't she lose her son if she dies? Susan sighs and tells them to cancel all the orders. Neela and Sam can't believe it, but Susan stands firm.

Jake and Abby descend the stairs from the El platform as Jake says again that no one will remember what he was wearing yesterday. They're still having this conversation? Jake pulls Abby out of the way just as a bundle of newspapers lands in a nearby mud puddle, splashing water everywhere. They run into a woman, Liza, who seems to know Jake. He introduces Liza, the night clerk on Surgery, to "Abby, [his] girlfriend." After Liza leaves, Abby asks if Jake really just called her his girlfriend, complaining that it's "junior high." Oh, get over it, Abby. You're not married, or engaged, so even if you feel too old for it, "girlfriend" is probably the most appropriate term. Jake asks what he should have said, and Abby says he could have just said her name, without the label. They narrowly avoid getting splashed again. Jake asks if she doesn't want people to know they're going out, and Abby tries to avoid the discussion by claiming that they're late. Jake stops her and says that this is important, but Abby wants to talk about it later. Abby is saved when an ambulance speeds by and thoroughly splashes them both, covering them with water and mud from head to toe. Jake pauses and says, "Yeah. Yeah, I guess it can wait."

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