Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

Abby treats an older lady (played by veteran actress Louise Fletcher) who claims that she was mugged and punched in the face. She's accompanied by her sister, and the two of them can't seem to get their stories straight about exactly what happened, and where. Chuny and Abby exchange a look like, "Are you buying this?" Abby asks if they filed a police report, and they did not, because they didn't see the point. Abby gets Chuny to get rid of the sister, Rebecca, so that she can talk to her patient, Birdie, alone. Abby asks some background questions, and finds out that Birdie and Rebecca have lived together for fifty years. Abby asks meaningfully, "Is there anything you want to tell me?" Birdie doesn't get it. Abby says that sometimes people are injured by friends or family members. Birdie insists that it was just some punk, and that she feels safe at home. Abby says she's going to order the x-rays, then.

Benjamin finds Susan at the desk, and says that he's waiting on a call from Elena's INS case worker, and that he wants Susan to talk to him or her. Susan wonders what she's supposed to say, and Benjamin advises her to reveal how sick Elena is. Morris takes this moment to come in and report on his progress, but Susan figures out that he left out some important data, so Morris takes off to revise. Abby finds out from Frank that Birdie and Rebecca are panhandlers, although Frank is actually sympathetic to their case, which is unusual for him. Wendall wanders in, and Abby says she has a consult. Susan bogarts the Wendall for her hunger-strike lady. Wendall is familiar with the case, having read about it in the paper. Frank comments that he can't believe Elena hasn't eaten in weeks, since he had "pancakes for breakfast and [he's] starving already." I hear that.

Weaver is giddy with Carter's donation news. She asks if he's thought about any future role in the outpatient center. Carter says he'll be on the board, and he might see a few patients. He says this last part like he's sure they would be begging him to share his doctor mojo with the masses, but no one was asking. Weaver gets to the point as she says that she hopes he agrees that they'll want someone with more experience as director, and Carter definitely agrees. Weaver says that she has four outstanding candidates. Carter already had someone in mind -- a guy who set up a network of clinics in Harlem. Weaver abruptly changes directions and asks why Carter's doing this. Carter says that the city needs it because the whole system is broken. Weaver points out that's nothing new, so why now? Carter hits his mark and prepares to give his big speech, which will probably be used in every "Previously On" segment from now until the end of the season: "Because for eleven years I've been here, patching up these people that fall through the cracks and it hasn't been enough. I want to do more." They're interrupted by Pratt and Shane West rolling through with a lady who fell down some stairs. Carter promises to join them in a minute, because he's just caught sight of Wendall standing nearby. Weaver tries to finish their conversation, but Carter's already gone. He sneaks up on Wendall and says hello before she can run away. But as soon as she realizes it's him, she totally runs away.

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