Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

Pratt treats this woman, who fell down an entire flight of cement stairs after slipping while mopping. Ouch. She worries about being able to pay for her treatment. Shane stupidly says that her insurance will cover it, like, if she had insurance, would she be worrying about payment when she's probably in an incredible amount of pain? Chuny says she'll be covered by workers' comp, but the woman is a temp and thus isn't covered. Pratt promises that they'll still take care of her at County. Shane asks her to put her leg down, since it's bent at the knee, but she can't. So she decides she should just go home and rest. Pratt tells her that she has a collapsed lung, her hip is out of joint, and she may be bleeding internally. Yeah, I don't think bed rest is going to fix that. Pratt orders Jake to put in a chest tube, and Shane to pop her hip back into joint. The woman starts freaking out and trying to rip out all her various tubes, to the point where she has to be restrained. Pratt promises that she'll thank them later.

Wendall, Neela, Susan, and Benjamin have a little conference in the hallway. Wendall reports that Psych thinks that Elena is mentally able to make the decision to refuse nutrition, even if she's unconscious. Benjamin makes sure they are all in agreement, but before anyone can voice their opinions, Elena goes into a seizure. Benjamin rushes in to remind them not to do anything. Sam prepares to start an IV, as Benjamin protests, and points out that they revive suicidal patients, and that she doesn't see the difference. I would say the difference is the legal paperwork, but what do I know? This continues for a while with Benjamin and Wendall arguing against intervention, and Neela and Sam arguing for it, while Susan just stands there not saying anything. Susan finally agrees to give Elena oxygen because it's "a comfort measure," instead of a life-saving one. Sam asks how long the seizure could last, and Neela says that after thirty minutes, there's a high risk of brain damage. I feel the same way about watching this show sometimes. Elena bites her tongue, and blood runs from her mouth. Benjamin looks distressed and asks Wendall to check whether the INS has called. Neela walks up and injects Elena with Ativan. Susan yells at her, and Benjamin reminds her, "We have a legal document stating that she did not want to be treated for the consequences of her fast." Neela says that she saved Elena's life, and Susan calmly thanks her, and then tosses her off the case. Neela stomps out as Elena's seizure stops.

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