Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

Shane is trying to put his patient's hip back into joint by applying brute force, as Carter and Pratt observe. Shane is not having so much luck. Carter suggests a technique that Shane doesn't know, so Pratt demonstrates. Before he can do it himself, he stops and has Shane take over. The sedative is wearing off, so Pratt issues quick instructions, and Shane pops the hip back into joint. Jake is having trouble inserting a chest tube, and then, to add insult to injury, his extra-large scrub pants fall down. And he can't pull them up, because he's wearing sterile gloves. He asks Pratt, Shane, and Chuny to help him out, but they all refuse. It should be noted that his shirt is long enough that you can't really see anything. Outside the room, Abby is on the phone requesting medical records for Birdie and Rebecca, but she trails off when she notices Jake's lack of pants. Carter walks out and asks if Abby has anyone to present. Abby thumbnails her case, but she's distracted by Chuny taking pictures of Naked Jake. Wendall walks up to follow up with Abby, but tries to bail when she realizes that Carter is there. Carter excuses himself instead, and Abby leads Wendall over to Birdie.

Elena has regained consciousness, and she asks Susan not to give her any more treatment. Susan wonders if Elena is doing this for the right reasons. Elena just wants to save her son. Sam asks what happens if Elena doesn't get a hearing, and Santiago has to live with his mother's death on his conscience. Elena explains that she came to America after her husband was killed in the war, and that she got tired of waiting for the papers to come through so that Santiago could join her, so she had her brother sneak him into the country. Sam says that Elena has done everything she could, and begs to be allowed to treat her. Elena just says that she's tired, and Susan says that they'll let her rest. Sam and Susan walk, like, two feet away for a secret conversation that Elena somehow can't hear. Sam can't believe that Elena has to go through with this. Susan says that she'd throw herself in front of a train for Cosmo. I notice that Sam doesn't share that sentiment. Maybe she would rather throw Alex in front of a train.

Some guy comes in, screaming Spanish at Frank, who desperately asks where Chuny is. Abby walks over and manages to understand that the guy's wife is in labor. Pratt totally didn't get that, even though the guy said mi esposa and trabajo, and again, I've never taken Spanish and I understood. Pratt and Abby run out to the guy's car and Pratt begins an examination. Abby asks if she should get a gurney, and Pratt says that she's crowning, so it's a little late for that. Pratt tries to tell her to push, but comes up with puta, and I hate to belabor the point, but seriously. The wife starts crying, and the husband gets all pissed off, and Pratt is confused as the husband starts trying to beat him up. As she calmly prepares to deliver the baby, Abby explains that Pratt just called the guy's wife a whore.

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