Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

Susan and Benjamin walk down the hallway. Frank calls out and says that Chuck is on the phone, and Cosmo is sick, but that he doesn't have any further details. Benjamin is talking to INS on his cell phone, trying to get them to let Susan discuss Elena's deteriorating condition. Morris (Mr. Bad Timing) runs up and tries to get Susan to examine some charts he made, but Susan asks him one question which makes him realize that he's screwed up yet again. Susan takes the phone in the lounge to talk to Chuck. She quickly ascertains that Cosmo's illness isn't life-threatening, and hangs up. Benjamin hands Susan his cell phone, and she says simply that Elena is dying, and that they can give her son a new hearing, because she may not make it another day. Benjamin thanks her and leaves. Susan walks over to get some coffee, and finds Neela standing there. Neela makes the excuse that she gave Ativan, which doesn't have any calories. Susan asks if she would shock an end-stage cancer patient with a DNR. Neela says that she couldn't just watch Elena die, and Susan says that she should have left the room. Neela's final protest is that didn't seem right. Susan sighs deeply and says that it's not right, but that those are the rules.

Shane and Carter examine Stair Fall Lady's x-rays and determine that her hip is fine, and that her lung is expanding. Pratt walks up and shows them Stair Fall Lady's labs, which indicate that she may have cancer. It is not her day. Carter points out lesions on her ribs, and orders Shane to go back and find the primary tumor. Shane sighs that it sucks, because she's a nice lady. So only mean people should get cancer? Pratt agrees, "I hear that's a risk factor for cancer."

Abby tells Birdie that she's only got bruises, and no broken bones. Wendall points out that Birdie and Rebecca have been mugged several times in the past year, and Birdie says that it's an occupational hazard. I'm glad it's not an occupational hazard for recapping. Ours are something like carpal tunnel syndrome and the annoying habit of recapping every television show you watch in your head. Abby asks why they have to panhandle, and Rebecca wisecracks, "Because they aren't hiring at Hooter's." Abby says she's serious, and asks about Social Security. Birdie points out all their expenses, and Abby suggests having Adult Services make a home visit. Wendall says that they did last summer, and that the place was pretty messy, with no food in the cabinets. Birdie says that they like to eat out. Abby shakes her head and asks if there's anything they can do to help. Birdie says they do fine. Wendall says she'll request another home visit. Abby and Wendall are both clearly reluctant just to end things this way, but they've run out of suggestions, so Abby says she'll be back with their discharge instructions. Wendall and Abby leave, and Rebecca and Birdie just sort of pull faces for, like, ten minutes, which was weird.

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