Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

Susan and Sam stand outside Elena's room and discuss how much the whole situation sucks. Shane walks up to get Susan's signature on a chart, and says that there has to be a better way for Elena. Susan says that she has no money or political influence, so this is it. Sam thinks Elena should get to see her son, since she's dying. Susan warms to the idea, saying that her son might be able to get her to eat. Sam takes off to make the call.

Shane and Pratt examine Stair Fall Lady, looking for the primary tumor. She can't believe that she has holes in her bones, and thinks that she should drink more milk. Pratt tells her that he needs to do a breast exam, because the bone lesions could have been caused by a tumor. The woman asks if he means cancer, and Pratt says it's possible. Pratt begins the exam and almost immediately gets a puzzled look on his face. He asks the patient if she's felt "this" before, and she nods. Shane asks if he found a mass, and Pratt says that it's about five centimeters, which is huge. Pratt asks when she first noticed it, and she says that it was a few years ago, and that she didn't see a doctor because she felt fine. Shane is upset, and says that she could have caught this before it spread. Pratt motions to him to chill out, and explains calmly that surgery might not be effective at this advanced stage. The woman says she doesn't want to be cut, and starts looking around for her clothes. Shane and Pratt move to restrain her as she yells that she doesn't want them to cut her. She concludes, "You don't cut into cancer. I know what happens. You cut into cancer, and it spreads. It spreads, and you die!" She sobs us into the commercial break.

Abby escorts Birdie and Rebecca outside. She reminds them of their aftercare instructions, and then calls them back and hands them some money, telling them to have a nice dinner tonight. Birdie kisses her hand and calls her sweet. Sam, who was standing nearby, asks Abby if she really gave them a twenty, and then jokes that it's no wonder Abby's patient-satisfaction scores are so high. Abby asks if Sam's waiting for an ambulance, and Sam says it's something like that. A van arrives, and some armed guards help Santiago get out. Santiago does not look much like an upstanding non-citizen, although the handcuffs and prison jumpsuit might be prejudicing me.

Neela, Chuny, Pratt, Shane, and Frank gather around a monitor and examine the photo Chuny took of Jake with his pants down so that they can debate what kind of underwear he wears. Um, Chuny was right there. Couldn't she have just looked? I would have. Shane suggests that Abby can settle the argument, and Abby reveals, "Actually, he goes commando." Boy, she sure has changed her mind on the "not letting people at work know" issue, hasn't she?

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