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I love, love the ads with the cheerful old-school men's choirs. "You'll never guess what I got you! Is it red or is it blue? You'll never guess what I got you at Amazon dot com!" The "you're the creator of, you're the purveyor of, you're the author of" Apple ads with Jeff Goldblum? Less. Okay, not at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

So Carter rushes The Late Anthony Lee back to the hospital. It doesn't look good. He tells Carter about the clot and orders her to do something with...who really cares? Really? Chuny tells him that she has to "do the checklist," and Carter is all overwrought "there's no time!" without adding, "because I fucked up so large!" The usual "do it"/"no way, man" power struggle ensues. Chuny tells Carter she will not sign her name to The Late Anthony Lee's chart, and storms out.

Benton shows up at the desk, where Randi gives him the gossip that Pharmacy Dude was cooking crystal meth in the lab downstairs. Oh. Paging Dr. Down-- nah, too easy. Finch shows up to tell Benton that the HMO of his former breast-cancer patient (Debbie Marlin) won't allow the hospital to admit her for pain management. Benton's all, "Dude, that sucks," and Finch is like, "'that sucks'? That's all you have to say?" Okay, actually, he tells Finch to tell Debbie to call her HMO in the morning, and Finch snaps, "Oh, should she do that before or after she takes the bus across town to refill her prescription?" Benton tells her they've done all they can, which I'm sure is true (given that the system sucks donkey cock; see above), and she keeps telling him that Debbie's in pain, which I'm sure is also true, and Benton is like, "What am I supposed to do?" and Finch, who suddenly has a big old microchip on her shoulder, snaps that Debbie would be better off without insurance, since then they'd have to admit her and County would pay for it. But wouldn't...she...still get a bill? I don't get how your stupid system works. Plus wasn't Finch all up in Carter's grill last season when he falsified records for Husky Lad and Husky Dad, also to get around the insurance company? Oh, but the Huskies were white. Anyway, Finch flounces off, and Mark asks Benton how Jackie is. Benton says she's doing as well as can be expected. He leaves, and Mark asks Randi how long Sally will be sitting in chairs. Randi deadpans, "I bet three days. Wanna join the pool?" Shout-out to Sars's and my frequent betting on our stupid TV shows? Mark declines the pool invitation.

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