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Turkey and Stuff It

In the hall, Sally appeals to Carter to talk to Lisa about letting Sally stay in town. Carter seems on the point of weaselling out of the assignment when...yeah, there it is -- an explosion. Sally immediately starts screaming hysterically that "Abby's in there! Abby's in there!" and Carter tells her to stay where she is as he runs in to get her. There's a blue flame from, I think, an oxygen tank. Carter finds Lisa on the floor and asks her if her neck is okay; she nods. Luka is next into the breach, and asks Carter whether Lisa's airway is clear; Carter tells him it is, picks Lisa up in his arms, and carries her out into the hall. Luka attends to Mr. Smokington. Once in the hall, Sally keeps flitting around her even after Carter politely asks her to give him room to examine her. Lisa says that she has some chest pain on her right side. Sally watches, aghast.

The rain, it raineth every day. Chen appears at her parents' back kitchen door, where Dr. Chen Sr. is presiding over a number of catering trays. They embrace, and Dr. Chen Sr. says she's glad Chen came. Chen asks who's there, and Dr. Chen Sr. proudly says, "Everybody." "Ah. Great," murmurs Chen. Dr. Chen Sr. says she'll go get Chen's dad, and Chen asks, "You didn't tell Baba yet?" "You asked me not to," Dr. Chen Sr. reminds her. Chen's like, "Oh, right." Dr. Chen Sr. says that he'll be okay: "Shocked, but okay. You underestimate us, Jing-Mei. You've always underestimated us." Chen takes a breath, and then asks, sadly, "Mommy, would you love the baby if the father is black?" Dr. Chen Sr.'s face draws itself into a horrified pucker. "He's black," Chen tells her, quietly. Dr. Chen Sr. has no response. Chen rolls her eyes miserably and takes off, muttering, "That's what I thought." Dr. Chen Sr. calls her name, and Chen turns back, at the door, to say, "It's okay, Mommy. That's why I didn't tell you." I suspect this isn't the end, and that Dr. Chen Sr. will argue that Chen didn't give her a chance to take in the news, and blah.

At the hospital, "Dr." Dave Malucci has evidently just started his shift, since he's ineffectually picking through the wreckage of Mr. Smokington's room, asking what caused the explosion. A fire fighter says that it was ether, and that the guys who were using the pharmacy as a meth lab were transporting the ether in IV bags. Logistics of evacuationcakes.

Carter listens to Lisa's breathing. She asks him to let her down: "Because I'm okay, and I could help." He tells her she may not, until he gets a chest x-ray. I don't need one. Oh, Abby, let him help you. Okay, okay. Luka shows up to ask how she is, and Carter -- reproachful, for some reason -- tells Luka without looking up that she cracked her rib. Lisa asks after Mr. Smokington, and Luka says he's going -- all together now -- to the burn unit! Poetic justice, your table is ready! Luka asks Carter about The Late Anthony Lee, and Carter gloats that he was right, and there was no brain bleed. Carter escorts Lisa up to Radiology. Sally looks moist. Get gone, Sally.

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