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Turkey and Stuff It

Carter confirms that Lisa broke her rib, though her lungs are clear. He offers to write her discharge orders, and she sheepishly tells him he doesn't have to, so he goes all hearty-dad on her ass, telling her he won't write orders ("since you asked nicely" is not said, but implied) but that she had a loss of consciousness and a concussion, so he'll call her later. She thanks him sincerely. Walking past chairs, she sees Sally, all dressed in her now-dry clothes and waiting hopefully for Lisa to appear and, yes, RESCUE HER. Lisa walks past her, then stops, very reluctantly turns back, and beckons for Sally to join her. Sally flutters over, and they walk out together under a borrowed umbrella. Because it's still fucking raining.

Villa Valium. Elizabeth arrives home; Mark's already cooking, and she tells him it smells good. She offers to help with the salad, and he accepts the offer. She screws up her courage and tells him very ponderously that, although it's "not exactly the best time," she's pregnant. She shows him the ultrasound photo, and asks him what he's thinking. He stares unseeingly at the picture and tells him he thinks it's wonderful. She, very relieved, throws her arms around him and tells him she loves him. He looks shell-shocked, but tells her hair, "I love you too." Well, sure. They have the same parents. They grew up together. Of course they love each other. THEY ARE BROTHER AND SISTER.

Oh, and this episode is dedicated to the memory of The Late Anthony Lee, R.I.P.

Next week: NBC thoughtfully lets me take my twenty-sixth birthday off. It's about gee-dee time!

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