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Turkey and Stuff It

Lydia conveniently interrupts with a request for a monitored bed; a guy on a gurney -- apparently a twenty-five-year-old employee of the hospital pharmacy -- seems to be having a rather lethargic seizure. He throws up on Chuny's hand. Elizabeth diagnoses a probable brain bleed. He's still freaking out. Lisa calls for hard restraints, and Elizabeth replies, "How about we paralyze and intubate?" Yeah, I hear you're an old hand at that. As Pharmacy Dude continues flailing around, Lisa pulls something out of his pants. Here's what a farmgirl I am: I thought it was a lollipop with a bunch of black gunk on it, but evidently it's actually a crack pipe. Oh, leave me alone, we don't have crack in Canada. Lisa suggests a tox screen. They paralyze him; Elizabeth goes to intubate, and is overcome with apparent nausea. Lisa suggests that Elizabeth sit down, but Elizabeth insists that she's all right, and tries again with the tube; finally, she loses it, and throws up into an emesis basin proffered by Lydia. Elizabeth, very embarrassed, apologizes a bunch of times, and, her head still down, tells Lisa to intubate and talks her through it. Chen appears; Lisa fills her in on recent events, and Chen leans over to Elizabeth and tells her to go lie down. Elizabeth hesitates for about half a second, then takes off. Once her head moves out of the frame, we see Sally's through the window behind her. Then, the tube successfully installed, Lisa also sees Sally. Sally: hopeful and desperate. Lisa: disgusted and weary. Got it.

In Radiology, Carter confirms that the x-rays show nothing wrong with The Late Anthony Lee's knee. He prepares to scorch The Late Anthony Lee with the fire of his moral righteousness until the radiologist adds that he also performed an ultrasound on The Late Anthony Lee's knee, and that it turned up a big clot. D'oh! Carter asks where The Late Anthony Lee is, and the radiologist tells him that the guy was a pain in the ass, tried to bum an El token at the desk, and then left. Carter's all, "You just let him leave?" as if he weren't responsible for The Late Anthony Lee, and the radiologist is all, "I'm not a hall monitor." Yeah. Stick it to Carter, radiologist!

Cue the hard-pumping Synthesizer of Imminent Doom...or Redemption? Carter runs through the halls, out into the pouring rain (and, hey, too bad about the rain, because it would probably be a lot easier to find The Late Anthony Lee if it weren't raining so hard), and onto an El platform, where The Late Anthony Lee has duly collapsed. Nice one, Carter.

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