Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Amy continues to die. Luka finally stops, and tells Finch to call it. Haleh comes in and says that paramedics just brought in another trauma (and we can hear him, in the hall, groaning with pain), and they need a doctor. Luka says he's got it, and lopes off.

Through the glass in Julie's former trauma room, we see Doris giving Luka the bullet: "Kevin Poole, forty-two, and very drunk. Under police pursuit until he plowed into a concrete column; needed the Jaws of Life to pull him out." Cut to Kevin's belligerent face, bellowing with pain. Doris says that his vitals are stable but that he's a pain in the ass, and makes for the door. Luka yells at Kevin to calm down. Kevin exhales in Lisa's direction, and she sniffs, "Ooh, lovely," I guess smelling his stank breath. Luka asks Doris why the police were chasing Kevin, I guess because he's never heard of a little device known as irony. Doris tells him that Kevin was driving drunk and "took out a whole family of pedestrians at a crosswalk." Well, of course he did. Luka sets his jaw. A nurse hands him a kit and Luka yells at Kevin -- who's still bellowing and grunting and trying to get up -- that they're going to put a tube in his nose. Lisa asks Luka whether he wants her to "numb him up first," but Luka doesn't. Well, of course he doesn't. Luka indelicately shoves the tube up Kevin's nose, making sure that he really feels every inch of it. Apparently it hurts. A lot. Luka's jaw works as he gets that bastard all up in there.

Benton waits at Doc Magoo's, fidgeting with a bottle of water. Braids strolls in, asking what's good. Benton awkwardly glances around, and Braids asks, "What's wrong? You ain't hungry?" Adele Newman, the little-seen-this-season social worker, approaches and tentatively says, "Hi, Kynesha." Braids coldly asks Benton who she is, and Benton tells her Adele's name and occupation. Adele sits down beside Benton. Braids, hurt, says she thought Benton called her down so that she could be with Benton. Benton patiently explains that he's trying to find Braids a permanent place to live. Adele tells her about a pair of foster parents she thinks would be a good fit for Braids. Braids ignores her, and says to Benton, "I thought you said you cared about me!" Benton clarifies that he said he cared what happens to her. Braids starts to get agitated: "Yeah, right. You're only doing all this because of Jesse. You think I don't know that?" Benton says that isn't true. Braids, yelling now: "And I know that bitch Cleo don't like me!...I knew that from jump street!" Uh...what? Sorry, I'm white, and Canadian, and I am really not familiar with inner-city Chicago slang. I don't know what that means. ["It means 'from the get-go.'" -- Sars] ["Oh." -- Wing Chun] Adele reminds Braids that she is a minor with no means of supporting herself, and sets out her options: "It's either foster care, or becoming a ward of the state. Which would you prefer?" Braids's little face folds in on itself, and she turns back to Benton and sobs, "Fine. You don't want me? I'm gone." She storms out; Benton makes to follow her, but Adele volunteers to do it instead, and takes off. Benton huffs.

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