Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Without getting into all the jargon of this next scene, Elizabeth operates on Julie, and it's not going well. Elizabeth's voice shakes and she pants...basically, she completely chokes on a procedure we're to think is fairly routine. Elizabeth finally yells for Shirley to get Romano. Shirley, seeming a bit scared by Elizabeth's loss of composure, says she doesn't know if he's available. Elizabeth, more urgently, screeches for her to "get Romano, get Benton [hee!] -- get somebody!"

Kevin's trauma room. Kevin is handcuffed to the bed as a cop asks Lisa how he's doing. Lisa tells the cop Kevin's blood-alcohol level, and says he's stable. The cop arrests Kevin for vehicular manslaughter. "Whaaaat?!" Kevin drones. Luka scans the belly and says, pretty much, that Kevin's fine. The cop gets his SAG card by shirtily informing Lisa, "Three DUIs, a revoked license, and the idiot still gets behind the wheel." Kevin keeps trying to get up; no one in the room really has any patience for it. Benton comes in to consult and finds some tenderness near Kevin's navel. He calls for a CT. Luka asks if he really thinks it's necessary, and Benton says that it's hard to assess patients when they're very drunk, and that he likes to be sure.

Lisa goes out to the hall to call for a CT, and Carter strolls past her. She touches his arm on his way by, as she's put on hold. Carter comes back, and Lisa asks, "How'd it go?" Carter disingenuously says that the evaluation went very well. "And...?" Lisa prompts. "What?" says Carter. "Forget it," she snorts. Carter whines, "Well, I didn't get a chance; you interrupted with the big trauma." "Forget it!" she snaps, and Carter ambles off. The person on the other end of the phone picks up just as Luka comes along and asks what's happening with her and Carter. She says it's nothing. He says it looked like they were fighting, and she admits they were. He gives her a look like, "Yeah...?" and Lisa impatiently says, "I would tell you, but it's a privacy thing -- his, not mine." Luka clasps his hands for a moment, seemingly waiting, and moves on. Aw. You know I really wanted these two to make it. I still think they can. Stupid Carter, with the wedge he's driving between them. And, stupid Lisa and her issues. Though I admire her not spilling everything to Luka. God knows I couldn't keep a secret half that big.

Romano rides into Julie's OR to save the day. He can't believe how bad things are, and that Elizabeth didn't think to do...some really minor fix that he hyperbolizes she learned "in grade school." She says that she thinks it would be best if he had another assistant, and takes off, ignoring his angry protests.

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