Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Luka goes into a curtain area looking for the bishop, but Conni tells him that the bishop went to Trauma One to perform Last Rites.

Sure enough, Bishop Cromwell is performing Last Rites over Kevin. Benton tells Luka that Kevin crashed during CT from a large intra-abdominal hemorrhage. The jargon and the absolution overlap, which is actually a pretty effective device. Luka tells the bishop to leave, and takes over stabilizing him; Luka and the bishop exchange a long look. Over his shoulder, the Bishop calls, "That'll do, Drunk. That'll do."

Lisa, in her street clothes, sets a pile of folders on the desk and makes to leave. Carter, standing by the board, asks if she's taking off, and she curtly says she is. Carter follows, saying he knows a guy who's playing in a blues club later, if she's interested. She hurries along without looking at him, and says she's just going to go home. Carter suggests that they go another night this week, and turns to go, but she calls him back and says, "I need to talk to you about this Weaver thing." Carter lowers his voice and says, "Look, nothing really happened! I threw them up." Lisa looks down and smiles sadly, "Carter..." Carter persists, "I know I'm fine, you know I'm fine, Weaver thinks I'm fine, so why give her any reason not to?" Lisa, still looking at the floor, says, "I don't know. Maybe you could take that up with your next sponsor." "What?" Carter asks. "I don't want to be your sponsor anymore," she blurts, gently. Carter, a little rocked, it seems, asks where that's coming from, and Lisa says, "I care about you, and I care about your recovery, but I can't keep saying the same things over and over, because it's hard enough to do it for myself." Carter asks if she's serious, and she says she is. Carter, reacting to his hurt by getting pissy, says, "Fine, I'll get another sponsor." "Okay," says Lisa. There's an awkward beat, and she leaves.

Finch heads into post-op recovery to see Julie and break the news that Amy died. Julie says, "No! No!" about forty times. I know she's sad. I don't know what I would say in the same position. But Julie's saying "no" like they can argue about it. Hi, she's dead. It's not like Finch had her repossessed.

The bishop contemplates his new cane as Luka tells him he'll take Prednisone for the next few days. Joe comes in and, a little to excitedly, tells the bishop that their car has arrived. The bishop thanks him, and dismisses him. Alone again with Luka, the bishop asks what happened to Kevin Poole. "The drunk?" Luka barks. The bishop stares. Luka goes on, "He died on the table." The bishop comments, "At least he found absolution." Luka gives him a "girl, please" look, and the bishop intuits, "You don't believe that." Luka says, "He ran down a family in the street. The mother is upstairs in surgery." "I see," says the bishop. "And does that make him any the less worthy of salvation?" Uh. Yeah. I mean, sorry, but, yeah. It's not like he had a heart attack and lost control of his truck and hit the Hembrees. He was drunk. Luka opines that Kevin was more scared than sorry, at the end, and the bishop agrees, "Yes, but he found God in his final moments, and he asked for forgiveness." Luka growls, "So any fool can get into heaven if he's scared enough to say he's sorry right before he dies?" The bishop gets up (on the moral high ground) and declares, "Everybody deserves to be comforted in their darkest hour." Luka sniffs, "Too bad you weren't there to comfort the little girl he killed." The bishop says, "I didn't need to be. God was there." "Was he?" Luka wonders. The bishop has no response. Luka clenches his jaw, and then tells the bishop to see his doctor this week, and to use the cane. He takes off.

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