Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Weaver, in a great beige wool Paddington Bear coat, crutches off with an armful of folders. Carter intercepts her and offers to help with her files, and asks if she has a minute to talk.

In an x-ray viewing room, Weaver starts to tell Carter that if he's going to talk about Mitchell's admission of Anne, but Carter interrupts, "A couple of weeks ago, I took some Vicodin out of a patient's prescription bottle, and I swallowed them. And then I went into the bathroom and stuck my finger down my throat." Weaver carefully asks whether he "successfully expelled them." Carter says he did. She sighs loudly. Carter tells her he didn't know why he did it: "I just found myself...doing it. I just thought you should know." She says she appreciates his telling her, and that she'll see him tomorrow; she steps forward to retrieve her files. He asks what she's going to do, and she replies that she's going to "give it some thought," and that, in the meantime, he should keep going to his meetings. Nice scene. Understated.

Mark struggles out of the hospital, all bundled up. Elizabeth rushes over to him and says she can't believe he waited, and she thought he would have taken a cab. They gingerly go down the stairs together, and he tells her he thought she could use some company, and asks how the meeting went. She tells him that they settled "rather cheaply." He asks if they should go out and celebrate, and snickers, "What, with you like this?" He suggests that they could go home and take a nap instead, and she says she doesn't feel like celebrating, anyway. He intones, "You're off the hook. It's okay to be happy." She helps him into the van, saying, "I can't. It's my fault, Mark!" He suns, "Elizabeth, we're not saints. We just try to get it right as often as we can." She curtly tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it. "Elizabeth --" he says, and she snaps, "Mark, please!" She slams the door on him. Break up. Break up!

Benton holds the car door open for Finch, outside her house. She blahs about Amy's brand-new shoes. Benton agrees that it's harder when dead patients are young. They talk sickening pre-sex sexy talk.

Finch opens the door to her house, and then both their faces fall. The place is totally trashed, up to and including slashing open upholstery and pulling out the stuffing, spray-painting on the walls, and apparently smashing all available glass. "Look what she did to my house!" Finch breathes, and Benton says, "It's okay, I'll take care of it." Finch wheels around and barks, "No, it is NOT okay! LOOK at this!" Benton repeats that he'll take care of it. She cries, and looks shell-shocked.

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