Ruby Redux

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Ruby Redux

Abby walks up and tells Carter that Ruby has recovered, and is complaining about his chest tube. Carter barely responds. Abby says that she told Kaysen and Anspaugh about the broken rib, and that they decided to postpone the surgery for a few days. Abby sarcastically remarks that everyone remains hopeful. Carter doesn't even bother with a response this time, and walks away. Abby watches him go.

Pratt shows up at Olivia's organization's office. A guy asks if he can help. Pratt says he's looking for Olivia, and the guy directs him to the back. Pratt opens a door and finds a meeting going on. A woman finishes telling a story about a successful program, and everyone applauds. Olivia spots Pratt and introduces him to the group. Olivia adds that Pratt gets to see first-hand how senseless shootings affect the city, and invites Pratt to say something about job opportunities in health care. She gives him a big smile. He smiles back, not quite sure how he got sucked into this, and starts talking.

Luka talks to the haggard mom, who doesn't actually look that haggard. I've seen worse. Her kids run wild through the exam room as Luka hands out various prescriptions for the kids. Chuny returns with another one of the kids. Luka puts the kid aside and walks to greet Sam, who was on her way out. He smiles and says he could use a little help. Sam smiles back and counts the five children, and then says she's definitely leaving. Luka invites her to dinner, but Sam says she'd rather stay in tonight. Yeah, you don't get to leave work early and then go out to dinner. Luka gives her a kiss, and as Sam walks away, her whole demeanor changes, and she looks depressed and distracted. It's kind of creepy, actually.

Carter returns from buying a cup of coffee and spots Abby sitting outside. She says that the coffee is awful that time of night, and Carter agrees. There's a bit of silence, and then Carter tells Abby that when he was a surgical student, Ruby's wife was part of a research study. When she was no longer useful to the study, there was pressure to get her out, so he dumped her to a nursing home. Abby asks if she belonged in one. Carter says they figured she'd come back, but that she'd be on medical service instead of surgical, and thus not their problem. Abby doesn't see the big deal, because it happens all the time. Carter dumps out his shitty coffee and says he told Ruby that his wife would get better, and that she would improve, which is what Ruby wanted to heart. Abby just stares. Carter says that when you're a student, you want everyone to like you, including patients and their families, but you also want to be efficient and impress your superiors. Abby says she understands, because she's still there. Carter says that when the Chief of Surgery tells you to get rid of a patient, you do. Abby agrees. Carter says that Mrs. Ruby came back a few days later and died, and that Ruby was really surprised. Carter finishes his tale of woe by saying that ultimately it was the Attending's call and not his responsibility. Abby doesn't look like she buys it. An ambulance pulls in, and Abby and Carter walk over to help.

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