Ruby Redux

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Ruby Redux

Pratt talks to a guy after the meeting has broken up. The guy wants to bring a kid from his program down to County for a tour, and Pratt agrees. Pratt says that he never left his neighborhood until he was ten years old. The guy is surprised to hear that Pratt is a hometown boy, and asks if he's related to Charlie Pratt. Pratt looks shocked and says that he doesn't know him, as Olivia adds that Charlie works for Parks and Rec. Olivia babbles on about how she's surprised that Pratt is still speaking to her after she ambushed him, and says that his reward for being a good sport is that she'll have dessert with him. Pratt is barely listening, still reacting to the Charlie Pratt bombshell. When Olivia finally gets his attention, Pratt says that he has to check on a patient. Olivia is disappointed, and Pratt promises to call.

Sam stands in the aisle of a drugstore as "Celebrate" by Kool and the Gang plays on the loudspeakers. She picks up a pregnancy test and takes it to the counter. The clerk rings it up and gives Sam a hopeful smile. Sam just gives her a death glare back. The clerk's smile fades. Heh. All this time I thought Sam had something up her butt, and it turns out that she might have something up know.

Shane tries to walk out the door, but Carter busts him. Shane says he knows he's scheduled for another half-hour, but that he's taken care of everything by filling Abby in. Carter asks if Abby is the Attending. Shane runs through his cases, including Birdie and Rebecca, who left with their niece. Carter asks what Social Services said, and Shane is forced to admit they never saw the ladies. He adds that they had "a strong family support system." Carter asks if they're talking about the panhandlers. Shane tries to explain about the niece. Carter gets angry and asks if Social Services will be following up. Shane says slowly that he'll make those arrangements. Carter yells that he needs to know everything about Shane's patients and concludes, "I'm the Attending! I'm responsible!" Carter stops, realizing what he just said, and how it wasn't true with Ruby that day. Shane blinks his eyes, which are probably irritated by all the eyeliner, and apologizes.

Carter stomps off, blowing off Frank, Chuny, and Haleh as he goes. He stops outside Ruby's room, then opens the door and says hello. Ruby tries to get Carter to leave. Carter comes in anyway and apologizes. Ruby shakes his head and says he couldn't believe it when he saw Carter -- couldn't believe that Carter was still there ten years later. Carter can only say, "Yeah." Ruby says that Carter didn't even remember. He adds that he has six other doctors, so he won't need Carter this time. Carter walks into the room and says that he made a mistake with Mrs. Ruby, and with Ruby, too. Ruby starts crying and says that he knows that, and that every day he regrets bringing his wife there. He mocks Carter's saying that his wife would be dancing again, which I think might be an actual line from that storyline years ago. Carter says that it was a complicated situation, and that he didn't have the experience to handle it. Ruby says, "All you had to be was a human being. You lied to me! And I believed you!" Carter has nothing to say. After a moment, he pulls over a stool and says, "What you have wrong with you, aortic stenosis, can often be corrected with surgery, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing for you. You're eighty-five years old, you have chronic respiratory problems. The chances of you coming through the surgery and getting back to the shape that you're in right now? Pretty slim. If you go ahead with it, there is a good chance that you will never leave this hospital again. You'll be connected to a ventilator, and you will live out the remainder of your life in this hospital. Now, without the surgery, it's true you're not going to get any better. But I believe that you will leave this hospital under your own power, and you will have more time with the people that you love. You will have more time being the person that you are today." Ruby stares at Carter, who concludes, "And yes, ten years ago I lied to you about your wife. But I am not lying to you right now." Ruby stares at Carter hard, and Carter meets his gaze.

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