Ruby Redux

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Ruby Redux

Ruby is still complaining. He's especially concerned about being at County, yelling, "I don't want this place. And I don't want your doctors." He points at Carter down the hall: "Especially that one. I don't want that one anywhere near me! He killed my wife!" Carter looks around to see whom Ruby's talking about, and everyone avoids his gaze.

Sam walks behind the desk with a stack of folders. Pratt complains about a patient who's been waiting for Sam to take him to CT for forty minutes, and Sam admits that she totally spaced out on it, and promises to go now. Jerry tells her not to bother, because they're backed up, and when Sam picks up her giant stack of folders (Of Doom!), she knocks over Jerry's coffee. And then she snaps at Jerry. What's up her butt? Pratt tries to get things moving by passing out charts. He gives Shane a transfer from Seashore House -- a patient with fever and incontinence. Shane tries to trade with Abby, who isn't having it. Neela gets Ruby, whom Abby refers to as "the nasty guy that yelled at Carter." Neela's shift is over, so she passes the case off to Abby.

Susan meets with the tenure committee and explains her credentials. Committee members include Dubenko, Kaysen, Anspaugh, and Weaver. Susan talks about her excellence in teaching, and adds that she's helped with admissions. Weaver keeps yelling out more things Susan has done, clearly trying to help. Dubenko and Kaysen point out that Susan has no publications or research on her CV. Susan says that she just submitted an article, and that she's got others lined up once she gets the grant money. Dubenko says something sort of condescending about how it can be "hard to find your niche" in emergency medicine. Susan squints at him. Anspaugh says that they can overlook it in junior faculty members, but that tenured employees need to "pull their own weight." Susan translates this as saying that she needs to earn more grant money. Weaver backs Susan up on her abilities as a doctor and instructor, and adds that they really value those skills. Susan nods at Kerry.

Abby tries to listen to Ruby's lung, but he won't shut up about how he wants to talk to his own doctor. Abby kind of snaps at him and he shuts up. She listens for a moment and then tells him that she thinks he has a heart murmur, and she'd like to run an EKG and a chest x-ray. Ruby says he doesn't want "some nurse calling the shots around here." Abby says with exaggerated patience that she's actually a doctor. Ruby yells that she's not his doctor, and that he doesn't want to do anything until he talks to his doctor. Abby relents, and Ruby yells, "OKAY!" It cracked me up, because he clearly wasn't expecting her to give in so easily.

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