Ruby Redux

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Ruby Redux

Abby and Carter discuss Ruby's case with Kaysen as they walk down the hallway. Carter and Kaysen walk fast, and Abby has to rush to keep up, all the while arguing that Ruby is not a good candidate for surgery due to his weak kidneys and history of heart disease. Carter asks about Ruby's lung function, and Kaysen kind of blows it off, since Ruby's old and likely to have weak systems in general. Abby tries to keep up with them, and keeps running into people and things. Kaysen just wants them to type and cross Ruby's blood. Abby finally catches up and asks, "I'm sorry, but don't you think, just maybe, open-heart surgery might not be such a good idea for this man?" I hate how women (and I realize I'm stereotyping, but I think it's pretty true) have to qualify their statements. Pratt would have just said, "He's not a good candidate for surgery." Kaysen mocks, "Don't you think, just maybe, that's the surgeon's call?" Abby sacks up and says that she thinks it's actually the patient's call. She adds that Ruby could either spend the rest of his life on the beach in Miami or hooked up to a ventilator in the hospital. Kaysen impatiently dismisses her concern, and Carter explains Abby's reasoning away by saying that she's just trying to advocate for her patient. Kaysen suggests that Abby advocate for Ruby to get a bed in the Cardiac ICU, adding that Anspaugh's on his way down. Abby glares at Carter and walks away.

Olivia -- the woman Pratt liked who works for the non-violence program -- finishes talking to Jane Wiedlin. Olivia walks out of the room and tells Pratt that she'd rather deal with a twelve-year-old gangster than a domestic-violence case. Pratt chuckles that when he heard where the patient lived, he thought he should give Olivia a call. Olivia says that they can do a lot for her. Pratt asks how she stays so optimistic. Olivia asks the same of him, and Pratt says that he's "jaded as hell." Olivia says that he just saw a drunk, battered woman who shot her husband and still saw some hope, because he called Olivia. They flirt a little bit, and Olivia says they'll follow up when she gets released. Pratt tries to get her to stick around, but Olivia is sure he can handle it. Pratt asks if she can school him over dinner. Olivia rolls her eyes and smiles, and then tells him to pick her up at her office at 7:00.

Shane West treats Birdie, the panhandler from last week, who has a low-grade temperature and a cough. Birdie and Rebecca rhapsodize over Chuny's caramel skin, and argue over which old-time movie star she most resembles. Shane tells Birdie that she might have a lung infection, so she needs a chest x-ray. Birdie says that Abby didn't mention that, and Shane checks the chart and sees that they were in last week. Rebecca compares Abby to "a young Patty Duke," which is pretty apt, actually. ["If Abby got hooked on dolls and started ripping people's wigs off, I might actually start watching this stupid show again." -- Wing Chun]

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