Ruby Redux

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Ruby Redux

Morris is unveiling his scheduling system, which is basically that you work three days, two off, three evenings, two off, three nights, two off. Carter's pager goes off, and he says that it's 911 to the ER. Susan accuses him of lying. Carter apologizes to Morris, who promises to put a hard copy of the presentation in Carter's box. Weaver yells at Morris to get on with it as Carter rushes out.

Shane walks into Birdie and Rebecca's room and finds a younger woman in there with them. They introduce her as their niece, Shelly. They seem anxious and want Shane to confirm that they tried to leave, but that Shane made them stay. Shane confirms that. Now that their niece is there, Birdie and Rebecca want to leave. Shelly asks to talk to Shane outside. Once they're in the hallway, Shane tries to explain that they're waiting for Social Services. Shelly says that she's sure they'll be helpful, but that her aunts are tired and want to get home. Shane doesn't give in. Shelly chuckles to herself and says that her aunts are really stubborn. She's been trying to get them to move in with her, but they want their independence. Shelly gives more details about how she has the room, but she doesn't know how to make them accept family support. Shane agrees to talk to them.

Pratt and Abby are treating Ruby, who is crashing. Carter runs into Trauma Green and takes over chest compressions. Pratt and Abby explain what happened, and they shock Ruby's heart, to no avail. Pratt asks why Anspaugh is even bothering with surgery. No one answers, because they're busy working. Pratt says that if Ruby can't even tolerate a central line, he won't survive the operation. Abby says that Ruby wants the surgery. Pratt asks if that means they have to give it to him. Carter's compressions break one of Ruby's ribs. Pratt tries the paddles again, and this time they get a rhythm. Abby stares at Carter, who stares back at her.

Abby fills in Ruby's chart. Carter stands outside the room and stares through the window. Abby looks up and sees him. Carter runs his hands through his hair, and then walks away.

Weaver and Susan exit the elevator. Weaver is arguing that Morris can handle the Chief Resident position. Susan says that even the students think he's a joke, and that they should look for a candidate externally. Weaver thinks that would be hard on the staff. Not that Weaver knows anything about being hard on the staff. Susan points out that Weaver came from the outside, and Weaver just gives her a look like, "Exactly." Luka walks up and asks how the meeting went. Susan makes fun of Morris's presentation. Luka asks if they're really considering Morris. Weaver says Luka can't have an opinion because he wasn't there. Luka thinks that's ridiculous, and asks what Carter thinks, and then suggests a vote. Weaver says he can't vote because he wasn't there. What is this, fifth grade? Susan says she has to go home, and Weaver is late for something. Luka finds Carter and asks about the meeting. Carter says he left. Luka reports that Kerry wants to hire Morris, and Carter responds, "Yeah? Well, okay." Luka can't believe Carter doesn't care. Carter says they've had worse. Luka wants to continue to argue the point, but Carter is clearly over it. Frank hands Luka a chart for "a haggard mom, five kids" in Exam Three.

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