Sailing Away

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Sailing Away

Benton runs over to Mark and Elizabeth, who are arguing about who's the better judge of whether she's ready to give birth. Benton helps them into an elevator, asking Elizabeth whether she got any sleep. "Do I look rested?" she shrieks. Have a nice labour, Elizabeeotch. I hope the baby gets lost inside you and tries to come out your asshole.

Diner somewhere between Tulsa and Chicago. Lisa orders a chef's salad for herself, and a cup of pea soup for Sally. Sally crabs that she only wants coffee. Lisa tells her she has to eat something. Sally reluctantly orders "pie," and Lisa decides that's all right as long as Sally has a glass of milk with it. Sally, by the way, is sitting at the counter between Lisa and Carter, and Carter looks just delighted about that. The waitress leaves, and Carter tells them that they're thirty miles from Springfield. He points out that the next major city is St. Louis, unless they want to stay in a town called Lebanon. No one laughs at his teeny, tiny witticism, so he changes tack by asking Sally how she ended up in Oklahoma. Lisa smirks sadly and tells Carter, "Don't bother." Sally snaps, "He can talk to me if he wants." Lisa says, "Fine. How'd you end up in Oklahoma?" "None of your business," Sally pouts. Wah. Lisa reaches into her bag and produces a bottle of pills, which she sets in front of Sally. Sally covers her face and groans, "What's that?" Lisa says it's Depakote. Sally juveniles, "You can't make me!" Lisa says she doesn't want to make her; she wants Sally to take them on her own. She opens the bottle and sets a single pill in front of Sally. Sally resists for a moment, angrily staring at it, and then swallows it, chasing it with a sip of water. The waitress brings Sally's pie and milk. "Mm," says Carter encouragingly. Shut up, Carter. Sally gets up, saying she has to go to the bathroom. Lisa gets up automatically. Sally angrily tells Lisa she's fit to go alone. Lisa doesn't argue, just follows silently.

In the bathroom, Sally babbles that she's not a child, and that it's only a bathroom and that there's nothing bad she could do. She angrily asks whether Lisa intends to follow her into the stall; Lisa doesn't, and remains outside, lighting a cigarette. She stands outside the stall, apparently trying to listen for the sound of Sally's either peeing, or somehow disposing of her pill. But there's nothing but silence. Lisa smokes, looking put-upon. Lisa? You didn't have to come, so get off the freaking cross already so I can use the wood to club you.

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