Sailing Away

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Sailing Away

Road. Convertible. "Sunday." David Gray's "Babylon" plays on the stereo. Here's a question: in an episode called "Sailing Away," if you're going to use a David Gray song, why not use the one called "Sail Away"? Granted, it's not the bouncy pop hit "Babylon" is, but come on! Sally is stretched out across the back seat as Lisa offers to "talk to her." Carter asks, "What would you say?" Lisa, blithely: "That I asked you to come with me to help me with my mother." "You didn't ask me to come with you," Carter points out. Lisa dismissively tells him to send Rena some flowers when he gets back, and things will be fine. Carter doesn't think so. Lisa cracks, "She's young. If you're going to get involved with a teenager, you have to expect a little drama." Um. Yeah. Because what this whole road trip proves, if nothing else, is how your own life is completely drama-free, Lisa. Right? Carter curts, "We broke up." Lisa can't believe it. Carter clarifies, "She broke up," and says it happened last night, over the phone. Lisa can't believe they broke up "over a basketball game." Carter hesitates a moment, and then admits, "Over you." Lisa breezily says, "That's silly! What does she think -- we're having an illicit affair, or something?" Carter says, "No, just that I have a crush on you." Lisa resolutely does not ask whether he actually does. Carter mutters, "Whatever. It's not like the relationship didn't have its obstacles." Lisa, looking straight ahead, says she wouldn't want them to break up over her. Carter jokes, "Face it -- you're a homewrecker." Lisa studies his profile, and then turns away, smiling. I would like to know exactly how brain-damaged a woman would have to be to make the leap from Luka to Carter -- especially the Carter we've seen this season, with the endless damn smirking.

County. Mark carries a baby down the hall. Dr. Dave comes up behind him with a box of cigars. Mark takes them. Dr. Dave congratulates him. Mark says her name is Ella. Dr. Dave asks to hold her...and Mark says no. He says no. He refuses to let Dr. Dave -- who's just probably gone out of his way to get Mark a box of celebratory cigars, and who, despite his many faults, has never exhibited an inability to treat children appropriately -- hold his baby for two freaking seconds. Seriously, between the Weaver wedding snub and this, I have to wonder whether Mark and Elizabeth think that they practise medicine in a plastic bubble, because they seem to be making a special effort to find new ways to irritate and alienate their colleagues. As for this particular instance, it's pure pettiness, and Dr. Dave's poor, dumb feelings are clearly hurt; he faintly asks, "Why can't I hold her?" and Mark snots, "Go away, Dave!" He tells him to go away. I just...I'm at a loss. I mean, considering that Mark and Elizabeth can barely tolerate each other's company, I think they're going to be very sad, indeed, when they realize that there isn't one person left at County who can stand either one of them.

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