Sailing Away

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Sailing Away

Convertible. Night. That same song that was playing when Lisa was getting ready to go to that gala with Carter is on the stereo as she giggles, "You did not!" Carter insists that he did. Lisa repeats, "You did not!" and Carter chuckles, "Why would I make that up?" Lisa: "You got a perm?" HA HA HA! Hee. Carter admits, "Twice." Lisa guffaws, "Twice!" Carter defends himself by saying he was in junior high: "That was the style!" Lisa snickers, "I don't know what planet you grew up on, but I do not remember perms on boys ever being popular." Uh, am I the only one who remembers Mike Brady? Carter insists that it was. Lisa says she'd like to see pictures, and Carter says he burned them all. Lisa's still fixated on the "twice" part: "So that means you thought it looked good the first time." The car rolls to a stop in front of Lisa's building. Both glance into the back seat and see that Sally's "still out." Carter says he thinks she'll be all right alone with Sally. Luka wouldn't think that! Lisa sincerely says, "I really want to thank you again for doing this." Carter doesn't say anything, so Lisa adds, "You didn't have to." Carter tries to play it off: "I'd never seen Oklahoma before." Lisa stops him: "No." Carter smiles. Lisa says, "I mean it." Carter gets out and says he'll help them inside. Lisa sort of shudders -- I guess at the relief of having the ordeal over -- and calls for Sally to wake up. There's no response, so she calls Sally's name again. Finally she leans into the back seat and starts shaking Sally. There's still no response. The Timpani of Impending Trauma starts up on the soundtrack as Lisa leaps out of the car and gets Carter. She moves the passenger-side front seat and Carter climbs inside, calling Sally's name. Sally finally manages a guttural noise. Lisa says that Sally's pupils are dilated "about nine millimeters." Also, Lisa's no dummy; she guesses, "Did she take something?" They confirm that neither saw Sally "take anything." Carter says she's "tach-y." Her pulse is 130. Carter sees no sign of head injury, and Lisa insists, "She took something!" Carter asks where she got "something," and Lisa yells at him to call the paramedics. Carter gets into the driver's seat, telling Lisa they'll be able to get to the hospital before the paramedics reach them. Lisa climbs into the back seat as Carter tells her to keep Sally's chin up. They peel out.

County. Luka has evidently been alerted that Sally's on her way in, because he's urgently giving orders to Chuny that sound to me like they're getting ready to pump Sally's stomach. We can hear a car horn honking outside. Haleh hurries up to Luka and says, "They're here." Luka yells back for Chuny to "get her a unit bed!" and runs outside.

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