Sailing Away

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Sailing Away

A zombified Lisa walks out of Sally's trauma room, Sally's bed just behind her. Carter loudly asks Sally to squeeze his hand, but Luka tells him she's not waking up. There's some talk about whether Sally's getting a unit bed. Luka says that Sally should be there on a Psych hold, but Carter says, "They can't talk to her." Lisa gets into the elevator, along with Haleh, Chuny, and Sally. Before the doors close, Luka orders, "I want her on a hold when she wakes up." Hopelessly, Lisa replies, "She might not wake up." Luka sets his jaw and glares at Carter, snapping off his gloves.

Benton's at the desk, rubbing his forehead all "what a world," when William White rolls up to tell him he got into medical school. Blah blah, Benton's been a mentor for another disadvantaged kid, just like Mr. Ferris was for him. Sunrise, sunset.

Upstairs. Lisa sits outside Sally's room, pinching her lips. Luka shows up and holds a cup of coffee out to her. She tries to smile, but can't quite make it, and briefly shakes her head, and he drops it in the garbage. She rests her chin on her fingers. He sits down next to her and sighs. She looks at him furtively. "They extubated her?" he asks. Lisa nods, and rakes her fingers through her hair, saying, "She woke up and started fighting the vent. Her vitals are normal." Luka asks, "Did you get a hold?" Lisa nods, looking completely wasted. She sighs, and says that "Legaspi saw her." She puts her fingers to her forehead, looks down, and hisses, "I thought I was watching her every second!" Luka says, "That's not possible." Lisa says, "I should have listened to you." Yes, you really should. Luka is more gracious than I, and says, "She'll be okay." Lisa shakes her head and says, "She'll never be okay." Are you talking about her acting? Because, if so, word.

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