Sailing Away

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Sailing Away

Valium Villa. Mark "Father Goose" Greene is puttering. Elizabeth "The Mother Load" Corday is unpacking. Why are you babyproofing? He'll be advanced for his age. We got more gifts. You didn't lift anything, I hope. It was light. Shut up. No, you shut up. I hate you. I'm telling Mom! Stay on your side! You're not the boss of me! Elizabeth presses her back against the refrigerator door and slides down into a vaguely yoga-looking squat. Mark asks what she's doing. She shifts her weight slightly from one foot to the other, swinging her hips back and forth, and says she's been sitting around for days: "I need to move."

County. Carter leads Norman down the hall. Passing Haleh, he defensively says, "I had to pee." "I didn't say anything," she snorts. Carter wanders in the direction of the desk, where Lisa's crankily trying to make travel arrangements. Carter leans on the counter and asks what Richard wanted. Lisa does that thing with the corners of her mouth again, and then blurts, "My mother has bottomed out [her voice catches] forty miles outside of Tulsa. And of all people, the motel owner had to call Richard." Behind them, a patient lying in a bed in the hall yells, "Hey!" They both ignore her. Carter asks Lisa, "Did you talk to her?" Lisa says that she's not picking up the phone, and won't come out of the room. The patient yells, "Hey, your dog!" Carter turns around to see that Norman's chewed through the bottom of a garbage bag. Carter jumps and tries to pull Norman away just as Rena comes down the hall screeching at Carter for bringing the dog inside. Carter tells her about the bathroom break he had to take, and Rena squeals, "Is that going to hurt him?" Carter claims the medical waste Norman's been eating is no more harmful than a "chili dog" Norman apparently ate earlier. Wow, great dog owner she is. Her parents should have explained what a big responsibility dogs are. You can't just flush them down the toilet if they get sick from eating the wrong foods, like when she gave Mountain Dew to her guppy that time. She fondly tells Norman, "No! No. Good boy." See? Bad pet owner. Carter asks whether she got the tickets, and she says she did, teasing, "So, am I going to have to call you a cab, or are you going to make it back?" Carter asks her to wait outside a minute. She asks why, and he lies that he's going to change the garbage bag. Returning to Lisa, Carter passes the eagle-eyed patient, who scolds, "Dog has no business in a hospital!" Carter lies some more, saying that Norman is a seeing-eye dog. On the phone, Lisa snaps, "Well, how many people are going to Oklahoma tonight?" She slams down the phone. Carter asks whether she's okay. Lisa tensely says she can't get a flight to Tulsa, nor even to anywhere close to Tulsa. Carter picks up the phone and dials, explaining that he has a really good travel agent. She must be spectacular if he knows her number off by heart. As he waits for her to pick up, he asks Lisa whether she wants to fly out tonight. She nods. The phone picks up and he asks for his agent, then asks Lisa, "Open return?" Lisa starts to nod again, and then remembers, "No, I have to drive her back." Carter asks why, and Lisa breathlessly babbles, "'Cause she can't fly, she can't handle flying." Carter asks, "You're going to drive her all the way back to Chicago by yourself?" Lisa nods twitchily. Carter needles, "Luka going with you?" She doesn't answer. Carter judges her a moment, and then his travel agent picks up; all cock-of-the-walk, he asks, "Any way that you could find me two one-way tickets to Tulsa?...Tonight." Lisa worries at her lips.

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