Sand And Water

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Sand And Water

Robert "Rocket" Romano is sending a Mr. Robertson to surgery when Benton catches up with him. Romano confirms that Mr. Fletcher will not be admitted for financial reasons. Benton reminds him, "That's an EMTALA [Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act] violation." Romano ingenuously replies, "Nah -- he's had a screening exam, and he's not emergent." Benton asks, "How do you know? You haven't even looked at him!" Romano stares Benton down (difficult for a man of his modest stature), grabs Mr. Fletcher's chart, and yells, "Okay, Peter -- let's take a look!" They stomp over to Mr. Fletcher's bed (interrupted on the way by Elizabeth, who's looking for Mark and his spinal-abscess patient), where Romano asks Mr. Fletcher how he's feeling ("like crap" is the reply) and asks to take a look at his fistula. Mr. Fletcher growls, "You're the seventh person to 'take a look.' What am I, a freak show?" No, that would be Rex the Cabbage-Faced Boy. Trauma Two. Romano asks why Mr. Fletcher missed his dialysis appointment; Mr. Fletcher says he was busy, and that what he was doing is "none of [Romano's] damn business." Romano is all, "Thought so," and Mr. Fletcher says he didn't like Romano when he sliced Mr. Fletcher's foot open, and he still doesn't. Romano's all, "Whatever," and takes off, with Benton following behind. Mr. Fletcher calls for a "pain pill," but Romano ignores him, telling Benton, "Put him on a bus to Milwaukee." Benton tells Romano Mr. Fletcher is "fluid-overloaded," but Romano doesn't care: "This guy knows exactly what's going to happen if he misses his dialysis and he still blows it off. He is not going to stop abusing the system until we draw the line." He brandishes a bill (I think it's a hundred, but it's too blurry for me to make out the face) at Benton, who asks what it's for. Romano says it's for Mr. Fletcher's bus ticket. Benton can't believe that Romano's serious, but he is: "New state, new Medicaid program, and a whole new set of doctors to piss off." "He lives in Chicago!" Benton yells. "Cry me a river," snorts Romano, scuttling off.

Luka is leaving a message on Glenda's brother's answering machine to call him back immediately. Mrs. Glenda doesn't look hopeful. In the corner, Luka's scythe makes quite a noise clattering to the ground. Weaver asks Mrs. Glenda whether she has a pager or cell-phone number for Glenda's brother. Mrs. Glenda doesn't, nor does she have a number for a next-door neighbour or another relative. Weaver pauses a beat, and offers, "Well, her breathing is stabilized for now." Luka asks Mrs. Glenda how long she and Glenda have been together. "Twenty-seven years," she replies. Weaver shoots Luka a sidelong glance. "Kerry," wheedles Luka. Weaver looks down, and asks Mrs. Glenda to excuse them. In the next curtain area, Weaver drops her gentle bedside manner and snaps, "What are you doing?" Luka exposits that Glenda talked to her brother twice in ten years. Kerry snaps, "Yes, and she didn't grant her partner power of attorney. I'm trying to find a legal way to fulfill her wishes." "Twenty-seven years!" Luka exclaims. She: blah blah good chance of survival. He: blah what kind of blah life blah. She: intubation blah no advance directive blah blah only next of blah kin blah can change that. He: Mrs. Glenda is the next of kin blah twenty-seven years blah blah we should blah treat them like a couple blah. She [spoiler]: I might be a lesbian soon so I agree blah blah but the law doesn't. [end spoiler] blah if her sats drop below eighty before the brother calls back, blah tube her. He: no. She: wuh? He: you do it. She: okay, you baby. He: I'm the angel of death, remember? Not the angel of intubation. She: oh, right. Cool. Later. Weaver watches through the glass as the audience sees a very faint reflection of Mrs. Glenda sitting on the edge of Glenda's bed, tenderly stroking her hair. I guess that was too hot for network TV.

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