Sand And Water

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Sand And Water

Lisa crosses the ambulance bay under cover of darkness and heads into Doc Magoo's, where she orders a cup of coffee to go. From behind her, a voice calls, "Hey." She turns around and returns Carter's "hey," joining him in his booth. And he's SMOKING. Lisa asks if he's back already, and he says he won't be back at work for another week. She asks if she's just hanging out, and he says he has a diversion meeting at nine. She: you look better. He: I like your hair. Are you picking up some shifts? (She's still in her nurse's scrubs.) She: no, I got suspended. He: kill anybody? She: I...wait, fuck it, you all know why she got suspended. The waitress brings Lisa her coffee, and Carter tells her to put it on his bill. Lisa tells him he doesn't have to, and he's all, "I'm rich. Plus, it's just coffee." He adds that it's the least he can do after being a complete jerk to her. She asks when, and he says, "Three months ago," and that she might have saved his life, and that if she hadn't stopped him when she did, he could be dead now. She doesn't say anything, so he explains, "I'm working on my steps, here." "You're up to nine, already!" she marvels, and he says he skipped a few. She formally says, "I forgive you," and then asks for a drag off his cigarette, adding perfunctorily that she should quit. He asks if she had a long day, and she tells him about Rex, leaving out the part about how she'll be seeing him later in her nightmares. She adds that she doesn't know why she does this, and asks after him. He says it's been a lot of waiting, and a lot of meetings. She says, "Yeah, you get kind of meeting-ed out." He nods, and she asks, "Aren't you going to ask?...What I was doing there this morning?" Carter says, "You only go for one reason. I figured I'd keep going, and eventually, you'd stand up and share." Lisa chirps, "It's not that interesting. I'm a drunk." He asks how long she's been sober, and she says it's been almost five years. He observes that she can, therefore, sponsor someone, and she says she supposes that's true. He asks if she ever has, and she says she hasn't. He raises his eyebrows and says he needs a sponsor. She nods, and he raises his eyebrows again, and she laughs, "Don't look at me!...I'm barely holding my own life together, right now. Trust me." He wheedles that it would be great for him to have someone at the hospital, and since she did sort of start him on his road to recovery.... She reminds him that men and women aren't supposed to sponsor each other, and Carter's all disappointed little boy, "Don't worry about it," but then pesters her that she shouldn't ask him to ask a total stranger, and that the only person he met at the meeting was the coffee guy. What are you, four? Ask a stranger, god. Lisa relents: "Okay, okay. I will work the steps with you, until you find a permanent sponsor." He thanks her, and she says she'll start by setting a good example, and stubs out the cigarette she's been smoking. He gives her the Carter Twinkle#153;. She adds that coffee and cigarettes aren't going to do it for her tonight, and selects a hot-fudge sundae from the menu. She offers him one, and he says he already has enough vices. She tells him that he should have to "splurge" with her, and he snickers, "Is that how it works?" Unless you're eating it off her naked belly, it's fine with me.

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