Secrets And Lies

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Secrets And Lies

Carter speaks up, pointing out that Abby didn't exactly quit school -- she was forced out because her ex-husband Rick the Dick didn't pay her tuition. "I chose not to go back," Abby defends herself while trying to open the window. This whole rant is very strange, considering that no one cares and Abby is pretty much the only one carrying the flag in this little war. "But why not finish?" Susan asks. "Hell, you were over the hard part, it was just starting to get fun." Abby has a cigarette in her mouth and bangs the hell out of the window, which won't budge. She explains that she's proud of nursing because she can really make a difference in people's lives. As she continues her rant, her assault against the window grows more vigorous. "But you can do so much more as a doctor," Susan counters with a definite air of condescension. Abby gives up on the window and crosses the room to plop back down at a table across from Susan. She disputes Susan's point, claiming doctors don't spend enough time with individual patients because they're rushing to see so many per day -- thirty, maybe forty, whereas nurses cruise through ten or twelve patients and get to bond with them and walk them through both the hard times and the miraculous ones. "I made a choice, and you just don't understand that because it's not one that you would've chosen," Abby concludes. And Susan made a choice, too, Abby. Deal with it. Man, Abby is bitter. These people are all bitter. They're one-word people today. Maybe with Abby, it's just the nic fit talking. In a second, I swear she's going to start eating her cigarettes. She does pissily rip Gallant for not letting her smoke in the room; he doesn't relent.

Carter finally opens the door and is triumphant: He's better than Luka at something. Sure, that something is a minor felony, but whatever. Take the wins where you can, Carter. Gallant isn't excited that he watched Carter break and enter. "Cool!" Carter calls out from the depths of the closet. "There's a bunch of fencing gear in here." What is this, the P.E. room? Carter struts like a peacock and brags that he fenced in college. Luka leaps up and announces that he can fence, too. "You really only see ten patients a day?" Susan quizzes Abby in disbelief. Meanwhile, Luka and Carter shove all the furniture to the side of the room so they have room to duel. Luka apparently learned to fence while he was acting in college, a tidbit that surprises Abby. "I warn you, I'm good," Carter smarms. Luka's all, "Whatever, child. I have an accent." Carter stiffly says, "En garde!" Abby goes, "They really say that?" Ugh.

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