Secrets And Lies

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Secrets And Lies

Then, Susan does something few formerly jealous girlfriends do -- she encourages Carter to chase The Other Woman and unburden his soul. "Who? Tell her what?" Carter asks, staring at anything but Susan. "That you're desperately in love with her and can't live a moment without her," Susan prods. Carter blushes and starts laughing uncomfortably. "You'll figure it out," Susan smiles gently. "Don't you forget about me," Carter says. "Hey, hey, hey, hey," Susan replies. Carter hopes they can still be friends. They can. They part.

Carter turns around, though, with one more thing to say. "I used to have Weaver's locker," he shouts. "She never changed the combination." Susan can't believe Carter put the dildo in there. He's the Jock! He taped Larry Lester's hairy buns together!

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