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Shifts Happen

At 1 in the morning, Pratt comes upon the staff eating merrily at Reception. There's some lunacy about its being Cooked Pork Blood. I don't know. Pratt doesn't, either, so he shoves it away. As "I Love The Nightlife" blares -- a nice touch considering that Pratt's quoted that song before -- Pratt passes dancing Randi back at the reception desk. She cheerfully relays the message that Orthopedics won't come down to irrigate Gimpy's wound because they're really busy up there picking their teeth and collecting on the When Will Elizabeth Get It From Dr. Diego office pool. Pratt calls Neela over and orders her to irrigate Gimpy's leg, with Malarkey supervising. "Any idea where he is?" she sighs. "No, but that's an SP -- Med Student Problem," Pratt sasses. As she leaves, he grins smarmily and chortles that he loves being a second-year resident.

Abby coaxes CT into making room for the old man who got hurt in the accident. She heads for the elevator with him, and as she enters, Elizabeth slides in from the other side. That reads so dirty, I almost want to go take a shower and apologize. Dr. Diego yells for her to hold the door, but Elizabeth doesn't. "Whipple, I'm afraid," she says, like that's supposed to mean anything about why she won't let him leap into her elevator. Especially after he's spent all that time going down with her. "Catch you later," Dr. Diego offers lamely. Elizabeth smiles uncomfortably as the doors close.

There's silence for a second, and then Abby deems Diego cute. She snaps on some gloves and innocently asks whether he and Elizabeth ever hooked up. "What?" Elizabeth gulps, mortified. "Didn't he ask you out?" Abby asks, confused. "Yeah," Elizabeth admits slowly. "I could say we'" She chokes that out like it's toxic, and then turns green when Abby seems delighted and amused. "What?" Elizabeth asks. "What?" Abby says, startled. "What?" Elizabeth repeats, more wheedling this time. "You think it's too soon?" Abby makes like a blowfish and pops out with, "I ...didn't say that!" Elizabeth looks like puking would be sweet relief and darts her eyes around guiltily. "I think it's too soon," Elizabeth grumbles, nodding to herself as she pushes her gurney off the elevator. "I...I just said he was cute!" Abby calls out, flummoxed. "Yeah, too soon," Elizabeth murmurs. Honey, it's not too soon. It's been a whole season. Get in there and STAY in there. And, funny scene.

Neela washes Gimpy's disgusting snapped leg bone. "You're not too good at this, are you?" winces Gimpy. Neela politely explains that they're just cleansing the germs to buy more time until the surgeons come down to him. "And you're just NOW getting around to this?" Gimpy sputters. Weaver bursts in at this moment and catches Neela performing a procedure that ought to be supervised. Naturally, Weaver is pissed off, which is her default emotion anyway and therefore requires no laborious mood shift. She demands to know who the resident is; Neela notes that it's Pratt, but that he asked Malarkey to supervise. "Where's [Malarkey]?" Weaver sighs. Neela nods toward Trauma Green, where Malarkey is visible talking on the phone. Okay, again with the cell phones in the hospital. Has no one confiscated that thing? Or shoved it into his ear so far it shot out his nostril? Weaver seethes, "I'm surrounded by incompetence." That's awfully meta, too.

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