Shifts Happen

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Shifts Happen

Pratt and Coop head home at the same time. Pratt asks how Damian's doing, and Coop downplays it all with a "Fine." But Gallant calls out, "Hey, Coop, heard you caught a carotid dissection! Nice!" I love that Coop isn't another cocky Dr. Dave type, but now I'm completely unsure how that scene fits in where he mouthed back to Romano. It was good, but it makes no sense in light of who Coop's proven to be. Coop waves off the accolades by explaining that he did a rotation with the stroke unit and that's the only reason he caught it. As they part ways, Pratt chokes out a sincere thank-you. "Sure," Coop grins. "Anything for a buddy." Pratt shakes his head, puts on his shades, takes a deep breath, and walks away.

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