Shifts Happen

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Shifts Happen

In the hall, the fat drunk is still slobbering all over his gurney. Chen yells something snappish to one of the nurses about getting him moved. Neela appears and tries to get Chen's attention for a moment. "I'm on my way out," Chen says, shrugging off her lab coat and barking more instructions to people. Neela persists. "I just want to say that I think we got off on the wrong foot, and I'd very much like to remedy that," Neela begins, a tad nervously. "What?" Chen asks. "Dr. Pratt is a bit of a flirt, of which I'm sure you're well aware, but I want you to know that I did nothing to bring it on. In fact, I think he rather can't help himself," Neela continues. Wow, that's kind of an odd way to say it: "Hi, the guy you were dating? Is kind of an aggressive prick. And it's incurable." Chen handles it by ignoring Neela, continuing to truck toward the exit, and avoiding meeting her gaze. "If I did anything to worsen the situation, I apologize, and I hope you wouldn't penalize me over something which I had no control [sic]." Chen turns and fixes Neela with a cold stare. "Penalize you?" she blinks. "Be hard on me. Show me up in front of the others," Neela explains timidly. Chen stares at her for a second. In her igloo of a noggin, wee little Lemmiwinks hops onto his gerbil wheel and starts running at full-tilt; sure enough, within three seconds the bitchiest idea floats into Chen's head, and with relief she works to shatter Neela's self-esteem.

"Look...Neela," Chen begins, pausing to furrow her brow really pointedly before leaning down to read Neela's name off her nametag. I want to Basic Instinct her icy ass. "I'm hard on all my med students, especially the women, because I have to be. For their own good," Chen says seriously. And she's totally lying, too. Was she ever hard on, say, Gallant? And if Neela was one of "her" med students, Chen wouldn't have pulled that nametag bullshit. Also, we have all the proof that Chen hardened to Neela after seeing Pratt pay extra attention to her. "If I were you, I'd worry more about my skills and less about Dr. Pratt," Chen says, leaving in a frosty whirl of pointed glares and audacious bitchery. If she were on Dynasty, she'd be wearing a cape and a saucy hat. And winged bangs. Neela stares despondently at Chen's departing figure, wondering where she went wrong. I think I'd have just ignored the situation until it either remedied on its own or became unbearable. What Chen did in Trauma Green wasn't really the height of her evil. Neela should've waited until Chen brought out the trident and sprouted horns.

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