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Shifts Happen

It's 10:01 PM, according to that scamp, The Graphic Of Roughly Three Hours Passed During That Commercial Break. Luka opens the door of his apartment to reveal Abby standing there grinning. "Hi! Figured I owed you a visit. And Gillian invited me for dinner," she says, slowly realizing that Luka isn't registering any recognition of why she's there. "It's 10," Luka points out, a bit perplexed. Gillian appears behind him. "I didn't think you'd take me up on it," she says, offering Thai leftovers. What kind of dinner invitation is it that doesn't come with a time, and doesn't involve telling the person who leases the apartment? Weird. I can only assume Abby is late because of a hospital emergency, but then, you'd think she'd have called to let one of them know, in which case they'd be prepared.... Ack, my brain hurts. I'm putting more effort into this than the writers did. Gillian curtly says she can't stay, and then turns to Luka and whispers that she'll see him in a couple of months. They kiss, gently and for a long time. Between their joined faces, we see Abby looking uncomfortably down to the side, as anyone would. "Bye, Abby," Gillian smiles, touching her arm.

Abby steps inside and asks where Gillian is going. "Back to Montreal," Luka says. "Her boyfriend's been bugging her to go back home." I would have paid him a lot of money to imply that her home is Congo, and her boyfriend is Carter. But then, I'd pay him for a lot of things. And yeah, I really did just say that. I'm dirty. Confused, Abby begins to ask what's up, but Luka cuts her off with a friendly "Nah...complicated." Abby grins knowingly. So I guess Luka and Gillian weren't the next great Croat-Canadian romance, but indeed just connected to each other through the heft of their experience. And their pelvises.

"We're a little busy down here, too!" Pratt snarls into a phone, slamming it down onto the hook in irritation. Elizabeth sweeps past him in a snit fit. "Your acute abdomen is acutely constipated," she says shortly. Pratt's all, No, man, that was Malarkey -- I just needed to pee. Elizabeth rants that he knows he shouldn't have bothered calling her for that consult. "I have a board to clear," Pratt argues. Elizabeth doesn't give a shit. You'd think she would be in a better mood now that she's getting laid, but you'd be woefully wrong.

Pratt orders the quiet, foreign nurse to put fresh saline on Gimpy's exposed tibia. "Yes, doctor," she says. Pratt stops her. "You do speak English, right?" he asks, curious. "Yes, doctor," she duhs. Shut up, Pratt. He then heads for the board and celebrates that there are only thirty names on it. "And fifty in triage," Frank complains. Pratt's face falls momentarily, but then he perks up again. "Better fuel up," he says. "Feel like making a burger run?" At least Pratt has this going for him: He does at least occasionally try to make things seem less stressful and more like they're all getting things done. Nor has he himself refused to help anyone with their patient load, which is also nice. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thawing to him; this isn't Bizarro Recap. I'm just saying that Pratt's not incompetent. God, maybe this is Bizarro Recap. If anyone catches me exalting Chen's taste and comportment or salivating about the contents of Frank's trousers, please call the appropriate authorities. Oh, and to button the scene, Frank refuses to go on a burger run for Pratt. Bastard.

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