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Abby is still doing CPR and crying. Little C asks if CJ is dying, and Abby says yes. Little C yells, "He ain't dying, bitch! You hear me? Don't you let him die!" Abby finishes a round of compressions, but Loose is done helping. Abby gives the breath, and then starts sobbing while doing compressions, and finally stops. Little C cries too. Little C fingers the gun while Loose covers CJ's face with a blanket. Little C walks to the fire and collapses in sobs. Loose comforts him as Abby sobs alone. Loose quietly takes the gun from Little C and stands up, staring at Abby. She meets his gaze, unflinching, almost defiant.

Loose pulls Abby out of the back of the SUV as she begs him to stop. He forces Abby into the back seat and tells her to lie down. She does, looking terrified.

Neela has finished her procedure successfully. Luka orders Pratt to walk the patient up to ICU. Neela excitedly thanks Luka for calling her in to do the procedure. As they walk out, Luka says that Neela is technically gifted, and that it makes her feel good about herself, but she needs to use that confidence in "the other half of [her] game." Neela still doesn't get it. Wendall walks up and gives Neela Mrs. Putnam's chart. Neela can't believe she doesn't remember it. Wendall makes an excuse for her and Neela says she doesn't know what to tell Mr. Putnam. Luka thinks she does. Neela says she has no memory of Mrs. Putnam, and wonders if Luka wants her to lie. Luka says she should trust herself to offer comfort. Neela walks into the room and says hello. She apologizes for not recognizing his wife's name earlier, and assures Mr. Putnam that his wife wasn't scared when she died. Mr. Putnam cries, and Neela looks worried.

Carter catches up to Wendall and says that he changed his plans and would like to go to Telluride if the offer's still open. Wendall doesn't look very enthusiastic as she says it is. Carter asks what's up, and Wendall asks if he's all right with moving forward in their relationship. Carter doesn't hesitate before saying yes, and asks if Wendall's okay with it. Wendall does hesitate, and then says that she is. They smile at each other with forced brightness. Maybe Carter is secretly gay, and that's why none of his relationships with women seem to work out.

Susan is disgusted to learn from Pratt that Luka called Neela in from another room to do the ventriculostomy. Susan asks Carter's opinion on the situation. Carter doesn't see the big deal. Susan explains that it's customary to let the most senior resident perform such procedures, and that Pratt was right there. Pratt says it's no big deal. Susan says that she's going to talk to Luka about it, and Carter asks if she's overreacting a bit. Susan sarcastically thanks him for his support. Carter says he knows that Susan wants to define herself as chief, and asks if she's sure this is how she wants to do it. Susan stares at him in disbelief.

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