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Jerry interrupts to announce an incoming car-accident victim. Abby thinks Susan is letting her promotion go to her head, and stomps off to take a break. Susan reminds Abby that residents don't get breaks. They don't? Isn't that illegal? What if they have to pee? Abby lies that she's going to wait for the car-accident victim and heads out. Once outside, Abby lights up a cigarette. An SUV comes screaming into the ambulance bay, and someone yells that his brother has been shot. Abby tosses the cigarette and runs over. Once she gets close, someone pulls her inside, and the SUV takes off. Abby struggles to get free as we crash to credits. They always say that cigarettes will kill you, but I don't think that's what they meant.

Abby, in the back seat of the SUV with a young teenager, struggles to get out. She finally throws him aside and heads for the door handle. The young teen calls the driver's name: "Loose! Loose!" Or it might be Luce. But I'm going with the captioning here. Loose calmly points a gun at Abby's head as rap music blares from the stereo. No stereotypes here! Loose tells Abby to shut up, and she does. Young Teen tells Abby, "He's in the back!" Loose orders Abby to get in the back, and he has a gun, so she follows orders. As she leans into the back, she sees a guy with a gunshot wound to the belly, holding in his intestines. Abby is shocked as the guy explains that he was shot from behind, and that the bullet went out the front. Young Teen tells Abby to fix him. Abby says helplessly that they need to go to the hospital. Young Teen grabs the gun and points it at Abby's head while telling her to fix the injury. He adds, "Bitch," for good measure. I think the gun was incentive enough there, shorty.

Sam treats a lady who is complaining of shortness of breath with oxygen and tells her to try to stay calm. The woman explains that her regular doctor is on vacation, and that she's particular about who she sees. Sam tells her that's smart, and promises that Shane West will be right over. In the next bed, Shane West tries to calm a woman who is speaking Spanish, explaining that he removed the splinter, and that it can't possibly still hurt. The woman keeps caterwauling anyway. Shane walks away with his students and informs them that the woman has "Hispanic panic." Like we didn't hate Shane West enough already, now he has to be racist, too? At least when Romano was an asshole, it was somewhat funny. Shortness of Breath Woman hears Shane's charming description and looks uneasy. He picks up her chart and calls her "Miss Mitchell." She corrects him that it's "Ms.," and he promises to run some tests. As they walk off, Shane comments loudly, "I thought 'Ms.' went out in the '80s." No, what went out in the '80s are sleeveless t-shirts, loser. Sam hands Ms. Mitchell a bottle for her urine sample, and Ms. Mitchell asks for another doctor. As Sam said earlier: smart lady.

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