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Cut to Abby's beeper going off. Young Teen is surprised that she doesn't have a cell phone, and tells her about his brother's phone, which "plays this funny little song when somebody calls." I seriously doubt this kid wouldn't know the word "ringtone." I think my mom even knows that one. Young Teen reveals that his name is Little C, thank God. Abby continues to cry, and explains that CJ is sick, and that she can't help him. She concludes, "I'm a doctor. Your brother's gonna die unless he gets an operation, so we have to take him to the hospital." Get used to Abby saying that, because it happens a lot. And not to spoil it, but they don't take him to a hospital. Just then, CJ returns with the supplies and tosses them in back, ordering Abby to "get busy!"

Susan meets the paramedics, who are wheeling in Bernie Mac's niece, who has multiple gunshot wounds. Man, Bernie was hospitalized for pneumonia and all hell broke loose. Susan tells Jerry to page Abby again as she comments that the victim looks young. The paramedic babbles about other gunshot victims, but nothing really comes of the alleged gang war that's going on, so whatever.

Abby asks for more light in the back of the SUV so that she can see what she's doing. Little C asks what she's going to do first, and Abby says she needs to put CJ's intestines back. I hope that my intestines always stay right where they are. I love you, intestines! Abby explains to CJ what she's doing, and complains that she can't work while they are moving. Loose hits something and then backs up the SUV to see what it was. Little C runs out of the SUV when he realizes that they hit a cat, and announces that the cat is still alive. Loose gets out and shoots the cat, putting it out of its misery, I guess. Get it? I really thought he was going to end up shooting CJ too, because usually this show is all about the parallel storylines. As Little C and Loose get back into the car, Abby's pager starts going off again. Little C grabs it and throws it out the window.

Loose drives the SUV into an underpass and pulls over. They open up the back, and Abby asks for help lifting CJ's head so that she can give him codeine. CJ gags on it, so Loose grabs the bottle and helps him drink it. As Abby prepares to sew CJ up, Loose realizes that he left the gun sitting nearby and grabs it. Abby notices. So does CJ, who tells Loose to pay attention. Loose grabs the flashlight from Little C as CJ orders Abby to sew him up. Abby says that they need to give the codeine time to work before she starts.

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