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CJ has passed out. Loose asks how he's doing, and Abby repeats that he'll die if he doesn't get to a hospital. Loose returns to the driver's seat of the SUV, and Abby asks what the plan is. Little C says they're going to hide until the cops are gone, and then head home. Loose can't believe that Little C is giving out information, and starts the SUV as he says they're going to get something to eat.

Susan says hurriedly that she needs to talk to Neela later about her patient satisfaction scores. Neela asks if there's a problem. Hey! It's Darlene! Where in the hell has she been? Congratulations to Sara Gilbert and her partner on the birth of their first child. I saw a picture in the National Enquirer this week when I was reading the special cover story about who's gay in Hollywood. You know who I found out is totally gay? Ellen DeGeneres. I'll give you a second to recover from the shock. ["But...but she seemed so into Bill Pullman when they were in Mr. Wrong!" -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Susan tells Neela that her patient satisfaction scores sucked. Nice management style, Susan. She then leaves a message for Abby, berating her for walking off a shift. Jerry asks if Abby was that mad, and Neela is surprised to hear that Abby left.

Susan grabs a chart and orders Neela to "satisfy a patient." Dirty! Neela begs off, but Susan says it's not an option. Sam walks up and tells Susan that Shane's reluctant patient, Ms. Mitchell, is still waiting. Susan asks Sam why Ms. Mitchell asked for another doctor, and Sam says she didn't say. Susan greets Ms. Mitchell and gets the rundown on her condition. Sam puts up the x-rays and notes "a little effusion." Susan tells Ms. Mitchell that it indicates fluid around the lungs, but she doesn't seem to have pneumonia. Susan starts her exam. Ms. Mitchell seems to want to tell Susan something, and cuts her eyes at Sam. Susan tells Sam to go check on something. As Sam leaves, Shane stops and asks her why Susan is seeing his patient, since he just got the labs back. Shane walks up and says brightly that he can explain why Ms. Mitchell has been so tired lately -- she's pregnant! Shane adds, "Congratulations!" like every woman would be happy with that news. He snidely tells Susan he has the situation under control. Susan says, "No, you don't." Susan excuses herself and pulls Shane aside. He complains that he doesn't need a chaperone, and Susan tells him that Ms. Mitchell requested another doctor. Shane is shocked. Susan explains that Ms. Mitchell is a pre-op transsexual. It seems so obvious in retrospect, but I didn't figure that one out. Shane wonders how he could have a positive pregnancy test. Susan says it means only one thing. Now wait until after the next commercial break to find out what it could be. I thought it would have something to do with the hormones she was taking.

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