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Loose goes through a drive-through and Abby doesn't even try to signal the cashier that she's been kidnapped. Amateur. Abby stares at all the people eating in and around the restaurant and realizes that her captors would probably not be able to come after her with so many witnesses. She glances at the rear door handle, which is smeared with CJ's blood. She checks to see that Loose is occupied with paying for the food. She checks to make sure that CJ is still passed out and starts creeping for the handle. Just as she reaches for it, CJ grabs her wrist and stops her. Abby sits back, defeated. As they pull out, the rap music starts up again as Little C points the gun at Abby's head.

Wendall asks Carter to go snowboarding with her in Telluride. Carter has other plans. If you don't say what the plans are, that just sounds like a lie. At least make something up! "I have plans" is universal dating language for "I have plans to avoid dating you anymore." Neela interrupts to get a consult, and Carter tells her to order some films. Neela returns and says that she knows Carter has known Abby longer than her, and she wonders if they should be worried about her disappearance. Neela asks if Abby has been known to walk off shifts before. Carter says she hasn't, but that doesn't mean that she wouldn't. That's horseshit. Abby may make bad decisions, but she does care about her patients. Sometimes too much.

Loose and Little C eat their food. Abby spots a gas station on the side of the road and yells up to Loose that she needs to use a bathroom. Loose speeds up. Abby points out that he missed the gas station. Loose doesn't respond, but instead pulls into some woods. Shades of Adriana's final moments. Abby, slightly panicked, asks where they are going, but doesn't get an answer. She says she doesn't really have to go to the bathroom, as they drive deeper into the woods. Loose stops the SUV, grabs the gun from Little C, and runs around to the back. He orders Abby to get out, and then orders her to go to the bathroom. Abby dejectedly walks to the edge of the woods as Loose orders her to "drop 'em and go." Abby undoes the tie to her scrub pants, drops trou, and then squats. Her bladder must have been full, because she actually pees with a flashlight and a gun trained on her. I can barely go in a public restroom if there's someone else in the next stall. Loose thinks Abby is "scared of big black men." Abby retorts that she's "scared of big black guns." Abby shivers uncontrollably as Loose just stares at her.

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