Start All Over Again

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Start All Over Again

Susan greets Amal, a pretty young patient with stomach pain that's troubled her for a day. Amal is dressed very conservatively and stresses over how long an examination might take. Susan isn't sure. "Well, I need to be home in two hours," gulps Amal. "No matter what." So we know right away that the "what" will be dire.

Dizzy sprints toward her father's gurney, which Mark and Benton are wheeling toward the elevator. "His pressure's good, 110 over 60," Benton reads out. Mark explains to a worried Dizzy that her father is responding well to blood transfusions, but that he needs surgery to repair his lacerated liver. Dizzy wants to join them, but Malik holds her back and promises to come and collect her as soon as Alan's situated in the OR. Mark stays behind as Benton takes Alan upstairs. A cop grabs Mark to ask whether he's ordered a blood-alcohol test on Dizzy. "I smelled alcohol on her breath," the cop informs him. "A DUI with bodily injuries is a felony." Stunned, Mark claims that Dizzy wasn't driving, but the cop says she's changed her statement to admit that she was indeed behind the wheel. Weaver butts in by pretending she has something for Mark to do; then, when questioned, she noncommittally says that she might have smelled booze on Dizzy's breath, but doesn't know for sure. Mark and the cop argue back and forth over whether it's appropriate to administer a BAL test right now; Mark thinks it's awful, because Dizzy's dad is in critical condition and she's clearly distraught. "Because she hit him with her car while under the influence!" the cop says, exasperated. "Didn't seem drunk to me," Mark counters. Yeah, and your daughter didn't seem conniving, either. Fed up that Mark won't do him the favor of taking a blood sample, the cop passive-aggressives that he could just call a phlebotomist from the station, but Weaver interjects and promises him a blood draw -- but only after Alan's surgery is complete. The cop frets that he can't wait around and baby-sit the girl for several hours. "Well, come back!" Weaver sighs. "She's not going to go anywhere."

Susan examines Amal, who's predictably getting an ultrasound. Emotionally, Amal insists she absolutely must have an abortion. Susan tries to talk her down, reminding her that other options do exist, but Amal doesn't buy it. "My parents are so strict, they'll kill me," she trembles. Susan claims that everyone thinks that at first, and stares intently at the ultrasound screen. Amal argues that it's very different for her, and that she must be a virgin on her wedding day. I assume she means her parents must think she's a virgin on her wedding day, because obviously she isn't getting her cherry back. Virginity isn't exactly something you can reinstall. "If they find out that I had sex, I'm no longer their daughter," Amal whimpers. "They'll send me away. Out of the country. And I don't want to live there. I can't." Susan hmmms ominously. "Do you know what an ectopic pregnancy is?" she asks. Amal wonders whether it's a miscarriage, and there's more than a glimmer of hope in her voice. Brat. "Not exactly," Susan hedges. "It's where the fetus grows in the fallopian tube." Amal insists this must mean that she has to have an abortion, but Susan tells her that it's more serious than that -- it's surgery. "How long will that take?" Amal asks. Susan shrugs that she could be home by the next morning. "No, I have to be home for dinner in an hour," Amal rants desperately. Susan argues that the surgery must be immediate, or the tube could rupture, causing Amal to bleed to death. The girl promises to return Saturday for the procedure, but Susan shouts, "You might not make it to Saturday!" Amal staunchly claims she doesn't care, which is stupid, and Susan reacts as such. Yosh interrupts to call Susan onto another case. Susan pauses to reassure Amal that they will think of something, because pregnancy is a confidential matter and they don't have to tell her parents the real reason for her surgery. "Dr. Lewis, status epilepticus," Yosh whispers urgently. Susan makes Amal swear she'll stay right there, but the girl never really says anything.

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