Start All Over Again

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Start All Over Again

Luka updates that the Spanish patient has now been seizing for almost an hour. Yosh has administered four grams of Pyridoxine, but Susan says it isn't enough -- the woman needs one gram for each gram she ingested. Yosh balks, insisting he can't run to the pharmacy and restock because this is all the Pyridoxine they have. Susan tells him to send a courier to check all local hospitals -- Mercy, Northwestern, and Parkside. "Parkside closed last year," Luka says. Susan scowls. Charging the paddles to 200, Susan stares morosely at Luka, who busily compresses the woman's chest, but makes time to meet and equal Susan's doleful gaze.

Romano, Benton, and Elizabeth scrub for surgeries. Romano expresses amazement that Dizzy crushed her own father against a wall. "You wonder why I don't have kids," Romano comments, probably well aware that his kids would do the same, but deliberately. Not that I would condone it, because without his smart-ass mouth, I'd be so bored. Elizabeth says she's going in to repair a perforated diverticulum -- of the older African-American woman -- and Romano snarks that she should be sure to scrub under her fingernails to avoid another post-op death. Elizabeth sassily holds up her hand and does so, but she's shot from the side and practically off-camera -- which is why she can get away with flipping him the bird under the auspice that she's scrubbing under that finger's nail. Freeze-frame caught that touch, and it's a nice one. It also symbolizes that Elizabeth and Romano absolutely need to nail. A nurse announces that Roger is on the horn for Benton, but he must take a message because his and Romano's patient crashes. Romano insists that Roger can wait, because "bad news will never go away."

Luka's and Susan's patient goes into asystole, just as Yosh announces that a courier from Mercy can have the Pyridoxine there in ten minutes. They halt compressions and stare hopefully at the monitors, but the beeps are ominous and reveal that they've been unable to help her. "Turn up the gain," Susan orders, but that doesn't reflect any positive change. She tells Luka to resume compressions, which he does, but he looks well aware of the futility of it all. Yosh exposits that the woman's heart hasn't beat for thirty-five minutes. "Her pH is 6.8," Yosh says sadly as Luka offers to keep going. Susan ruefully calls it. "We'll never get her back," she sighs. "Stop CPR. Put the husband in a quiet room. I'll be right there." Cut to a long shot of the room, so that Susan and Luka can walk out toward the camera. He compliments her on the pickup, saying he'd never have caught that. "Lot of good it did," Susan says, depressed. They part company as we fade to commercial.

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