Start All Over Again

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Start All Over Again

Benton and Romano pick away at Alan's body. Romano is pleased with Alan's blood-pressure reading, and decides that they can take down the packing around his liver. Roger runs up to the glass again, and shouts that Carla's mother has been home all day, and he couldn't reach Jackie, but Joanie didn't pick up Reese, either. Romano yells for more suction. Benton wants Roger to call the cops immediately, and announces to Romano that he's going to scrub out of an important two-person surgery. Yeah, we all know you aren't going to do that, Peter. Romano demands that Benton do a pringle before Alan bleeds out. Peter grabs a tube and does the duck-bill thing with two Pringles, and Romano excuses him. Oh, except he doesn't, because "if you take your hands off the liver, he'll die!" Romano explodes. He throws something metallic for good measure.

Carter studies Gamma's EKG, pronouncing it stable. Gamma insists that Alger, her driver, tends to overreact and be condescending about it. "You gave him a scare," Carter defends. "I was a little woozy getting out of the car," Gamma insists. Carter calls it "near syncope." Gamma says, "I call it skipping lunch." Carter disconnects her from the EKG monitor, but Gamma wants to pull off the suction cups herself. "Are you sleeping okay?" Carter asks, softly. She sighs, but doesn't reply. "Are you...depressed?" Without looking at Carter, Gamma says she just misses her husband, but balks at his suggestion of therapy. Predictably, Gamma isn't taking this seriously, and just wants to rev up again and return to her usual crammed schedule, having already skipped two appointments and in danger of missing another reception. I hate this whole brave-little-soldier routine. If she's so close to Carter, she should bloody well start listening to him. Carter wants to monitor her heart overnight. "In here?" Gamma asks. "I don't think so!" Carter calmly says that if she'll just wait long enough for him to check her blood work, they'll make the decision later -- but that she can definitely start fresh tomorrow. "There are no more tomorrows, John," Gamma says tiredly. "Your grandfather and I used to think we had a lifetime of tomorrows." Carter stares at her, concerned.

Susan calls Amal's house, masquerading as a friend from school with a query about Math homework. "Okay, great, I'll call after dinner," she says, masking frustration. Yosh flags her down and tells her that a Mr. Gadasco still awaits her attention. She doesn't know who that is, but kicks herself when she remembers he's the man whose wife died of an accidental overdose of anti-TB medication. Aghast that she forgot him, Susan runs to him immediately.

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