Start All Over Again

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Start All Over Again

Susan bumps into Amal, who apologizes for being late and claims she had a tough time sneaking out of the house. Delighted to see her, Susan practically drags Amal to the front desk, where she orders Abby to find a room for her. "Uh, where's her chart?" Susan asks. Abby is certain Weaver has it, but can't speculate as to why. Susan is startled, but figures Weaver must be betraying her trust and telephoning Amal's parents. Cursing, she barges into the lounge and finds Weaver on the telephone. "She's here, you don't have to call!" Susan panics, hanging up the phone. "I told you she'd be back!" Weaver has no idea what she's saying. "Amal, the ectopic," Susan explains. Oh, but Weaver didn't call her, so Susan just swallows her embarrassment, grabs the chart, and hightails it outta there.

Alone once more, Weaver picks up the phone and redials. She explains to her supposed birth mother exactly how she got the number, but in a moment of silence, her face falls. "Did you give up a daughter for adoption?" Weaver quizzes, starting to get alarmed. Her face freezes. "I understand," she sputters. "No, I...I thought this was from a reliable source. I will not bother you again. Goodnight." Hanging up the phone, Weaver allows disappointment to wash over her as we fade out for the night.

Oh, great. We've got a horde of November "events" coming up on ER, with Weaver screaming and power lines and rainstorms, and "a relationship that intensifies" -- i.e. Susan and Carter. Man, I hate when ER has "events."

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