Such Sweet Sorrow

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Such Sweet Sorrow

Downstairs, Chen describes Carter to Mark as "all over the map emotionally." Mark asks if she's talked to Carter about it; she says that Carter "isn't very forthcoming," and she asks Mark if Carter is "seeing anyone." Mark motions her into an empty exam room and asks Chen if by "anyone" she means a therapist, and when she nods, Mark says he doesn't know. "Well, don't you think he should?" Chen says, and Mark says he isn't a psychiatrist. Chen says she got out the DSM-IV -- only she calls it the "DMS-IV" -- and looked up Carter's symptoms, and long story short, she thinks Carter is bi-polar. Mark tells her to slow down, reminding her that Carter nearly got killed and feels partly responsible for Lucy's death: "My moods would be all over the place too." Chen wants to find out one way or the other; Mark purses his lips and looks irritated, and I don't blame him. Like, Chen? Keep reading up through "post-traumatic stress disorder." Because a five-year-old who lives under a boulder could tell you that's what Carter is suffering from.

Carol goes into Mrs. O's room and asks how Mrs. O's doing. Conni murmurs that Mrs. O's resps have gone down to seven, and Mr. O asks Carol, "So she's not getting any better?" Carol allows that she isn't, saying that they've done what they can to rehydrate her and they've arranged for the hospice care; then she asks, "Where are your daughters?" Mr. O says they've gone to the cafeteria with a couple of the nurses. He begins talking about how peaceful his wife looks, telling Carol she should have seen Mrs. O two years ago and describing his wife as "alive and vibrant, always laughing." Carol smiles beatifically, but the smile fades as a hail of bricks begins to rain down on the trauma room and Mr. O says he wishes he could get back the time he missed with his wife, "traveling for work, late nights at the office, all the weekends I was prepping for trial." Tears closing his throat, Mr. O says that he kept working when Mrs. O was first diagnosed: "Do you believe that? Instead of spending time with her, I kept working." Carol mulls this over; Irony comes over and sits in my lap. After a close-up of Mrs. O's wasted face, followed by a close-up of poor sad Mr. O, Carol says she'll call social services and hustle them up.

She makes to leave, but at that moment we hear a machine flatline, and Conni says tensely, "She's not breathing." Carol comes back to Mrs. O's bedside, and she and Mr. O both call "Sheila!" into her face, as if that would actually have an effect, and then Mr. O says, "Please -- the girls aren't here -- I, I, I didn't think it was gonna happen this fast," and Carol looks around wildly for a moment before making a decision, then puts her hands on Mrs. O's shoulders and saying, "Um, Conni, can ya help me?" Conni reminds Carol gently that "she's a DNR," and Carol says that doesn't mean they can't stimulate Mrs. O's breathing; Mr. O pleads that his daughters didn't get to say goodbye. Conni offers to get Weaver, but Carol says firmly, "No. I want you to go and get Kovac, tell him I need him, and then go downstairs and get the daughters."

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